Sunday, September 27, 2015


Hikes! Something that I love to do

I really enjoy getting outdoors. Provided the weather is good to me, or at least I have the appropriate layers to not feel like I'm going to seize up.

There's nothing quite like being outside in the fresh air, a little exertion and some good company!

Today I spent the day hiking with my dad :) It was his bday on the 21st and I've been meaning to get out on another hike with him, so today was the day! We both have sundays and mondays off so this worked well

I had invited others to come but people were busy with their own stuff so it was just us two.  It was awesome

We went to Chilliwack BC to a place called Elk Mountain.  We had done part of this hike before, I'd heard how good the views were and my dad likes to hike as well so we put it on our list! Last time there was six of us and two dogs.  It didn't go as well. We got lost -- the trail was pretty obvious, but that couldn't be it! let's keep going? and the dogs we brought weren't ready for a hike.. they were pretty misbehaved

We also had a few hikers who weren't as into hiking as the rest of us.. so we ended up going in about an hour or so and making it to a lookout.. not much to see, lot's of trees in the way but still nice. We turned around and went home.  I told my dad we would do it again and this time go all the way to the top

We made it to that first lookout in under an hour... pretty good start! We made it to the top in about 45-50 mins after that.. so just shy of two hours.. it was breath taking! We were told there was another peak about 10-15 mins away... we're already here... what's a little further?? So we did that too.. honestly, I can't say enough good things about this hike. Sure, it was steep at parts but the view at the top was worth it. The trail itself wasnt that busy, and everyone we encountered was very friendly

We stopped at the top for a while, talked, sat in the sun, ate some snacks and eventually made our way back down. I really enjoy these mornings / afternoons with my dad. I can certainly see where I get my ability to talk for hours at a time...that's all we do! We can talk forever about essentially nothing.  I find I can open up to my dad about things like when we're going to have kids etc and he offers his own insight instead of telling me what to do like my mother has done from time to time. I also know he won't go home and just blab whatever I've said to my mom which I also appreciate.

My dad and I will also watch baseball (go Jays!) and hockey together, and with the post season for MLB and regular season about to start for those Vancouver Canucks it'll be nice to have something to hang out and talk about once it gets too cold to head outside

Here's a few pics from today, believe me when I say my phone doesnt do it justice

                                   father daughter selfie!

My sister and I also went to Kelowna last weekend and hiked Canyon Falls Park 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Post Show Update

Just a quick update.  I did get approved to do the Natural Nationals show! It was an experience :) it was really neat to travel for something like this and I had a great first time on the national stage.

I was in Bikini Tall (obviously) there were 19 beautiful tall bellas in my class. Previous year there was only 6! I placed 16th out of 19 so I'm pretty happy to say the least :)

I did not however feel as confident as before on stage. I wasn't entirely sure on my posing. I met with my coach the tuesday before I left and we changed up the way I set up.. it looked/looks so much better! But its hard to break a habit 8  months in the making! Plus these girls brought their A games! So many fabulous bodies!

I felt like I managed a great prep. With so many hurdles right before my show I still came in smaller than last year (yeah you read that right) I was scary skinny last year. I'm roughly 5'10" and weighed in at 124 last year on stage and 15% BF this year I stepped on stage at 137 and 16%BF

Once I saw some stage shots I was really happy with how I looked personally. I wanted to come in will fuller looking muscles and not so depleated and we certainly acheieved that. However, a lot of the other girls came in a lot leaner and just looked all around better than I did.
It is only my second season of competition and to already grace the national stage is a huge feat on its own. I'm hoping that this off season is anything but off and I can make some big changes into my next season which will hopefully be next spring

I also did an ametuer show two wks after the national qualifier. It was called the Knight of Champions out in Surrey BC through the BCABBA association. That show was my smallest to date, with only 75 (approx) athletes vs the 250-300 of all the other shows I've done

I was in bikini tall which was class C this time .. I've never been class C before! haha Class F or Class D but never C

I did not end up placing in the top 5 like I thought I would. Looking at stage shots I felt it was fair that I didnt place in the top 2 even top 3 but I felt my physique could stand up to top 5.. unfortunately the judges did not. I've received my stage shots from the BCABBA show (before my CBBF pics btw) and I'm awaiting feedback from the head judge to see what I can work on so that hopefully I can do better in the future

Currently 10 days post show and only up 3 pounds from my last show (I ended up weighing in at my second show at 133 15%BF) most of my measurements are the same, I did indulge post show (pizza anyone?) and have been back on clean eating since. My diet has been opened back up and I'm reintroducing things like red meat and eggs with the yolk (so good!)

This time around I felt like my prep and workouts have been flawless. Don't get me wrong, there were some mental battles to get through etc but all in all a very successful on season. Hoping for a repeat for off season this go around! Last year this time post show I was already up 10 lbs and very unhappy and lost. Not this time!

some pics I took of my post show abs. They're still there! -for now ;) 

First cheat is being introduced this weekend! My sister and I are headed to Kelowna for wine tasting and waffles! Going to try out the Jammery for the first time, since breakfast is aaallways my thing :)