Thursday, January 26, 2017

Softball Player, Bikini Competitor.. Triathlete?

2017 Goals!

So far this year the stage has not called my name. It's not going anywhere. I've done 6 shows in three years and seen the ups and downs. Pushed hard, found new highs and lows within myself. Learned a lot about myself and what I like and grew in the process. I did local shows, I made it to Provincial level and also National level with this hobby of mine.

It's very expensive. It's pretty extreme and takes up a lot of your life, and I really enjoyed (most of) it

Now I've started looking into a different type of goal. One that will still push me. One that not just anyone can do. That doesn't require quite the same diet restrictions. Training will still be several times a week if not 5 or 6 times a week, but that's my choice.

I'm trying for my first ever Sprint Triathlon

what is that? It's basically the beginners triathlon.
Triathlon is: swim / bike / run
A sprint isn't some elite level super fast version.. its the half version. The version where you get your feet wet. Its 750m swim / 19km bike / 5km run

I can do all of those things right now! .. but can I do them back/to/back/to/back
Starting in January I told myself I'd start swimming, since it's been the longest since I've swam laps.

Its hard.

I've now gotten proper goggles and a swim cap. Even met another person training for the same sprint at the pool! I've also started going to SPIN classes in an effort to get my cardio in a good place (and shed a few pounds, lets just be honest here)

This week I did 1 hr spin class and followed it with 10 laps in the pool. That's 500M
It's a good way to build up my stamina since the triathlon won't really have breaks
I'm going to start brick workouts once I'm 12 wks from my goal date

The Tri I have in mind : June 3 2017 -- 1 wk before my 31st bday
It's in Oliver BC, WINE COUNTRY

I'll keep you all posted on my progress. So far things have been good, swimming proves to be the biggest challenge thus far but we'll see once I start stacking my training how I do and how fast my recovery is

What are you goals for 2017? They don't have to be fitness related!

Happy Goal Setting!

Monday, January 23, 2017


Wow. It's been a while

Welcome to 2017! Almost done the month of January.

Things that happened from Nov  to now:

I went to Cuba with my husband, sister and her bf

My FIL came from Australia to visit

We got so much snow!
--> I bought snow tires, like a real adult. Then it stopped snowing!


Where: Veradero. We stayed at the Iberostar Laguna Azul. Flew direct from Vancouver (I would recommend) and we stayed a week. It was lovely. Would I recommend it? Sure! The resort was 5 stars the staff and ground were excellent. The food was OK. I thought I wasn't so much of a 'clean eater' anymore but apparently that's just not true! Of the four of us I was the only one who had any issues with the food. Just more processed than I'm used to.. Plus, I have an issue with dairy and still ate things like pizza.. so not really surprising.
The beaches were amazing, we went to Havana for an entire day and ate off the resort.. Would DEF recommend that it was really neat to see. We rented a car and had an English speaking guide. It was less expensive than paying for the tour through the resort and we got to chose what we did and when we did it so that was nice. Plus the tour was in one of the old fashioned cars which is basically a must in Cuba. Flight was direct as I mentioned, we left thurs to thurs and it was only 6 hours which was pretty great.

Visitors from down under:

My father in law and brother in law both came from Sydney on the 19th of Dec. They left on Jan 4th. It was nice to see them. My BIL is 13 now and almost taller than me! (I'm 5'10) he's a good kid and more mature than I was expecting. My husband had a few days off over the holidays and they went to Squamish for tubing and they even spent a night at our place during all the holiday stuffs.
I had minimal time off this year.. usually theres a week or two that offices are closed but with the holiday being on a weekend this year it worked out that... we just kept working! I did several days on my own which was fine, and my pay checks didn't suffer. Always appreciated around the holidays!

Next year we're hoping to be in Australia for Christmas. It's the easiest time to get off work without missing too much and its their summer! Sounds like good times


BC actually got one of those Canadian christmas' this year. Lots of snow and working in three different cities was getting a bit stressful for driving. In fact, we missed seeing my dads parents because of the snow and poor driving conditions. So, I actually bought snow tires. My dad and I talked about it and I complained that I didn't want to spend an extra 600$ on something I may not truly need. He says 600$ or your life? The next week I had the tires put on
Does anyone else do whatever their parent tells them to do? I'm 30 years old and apparently still do!

Well that's all for now I suppose, I've got some new goals on the go (obviously) but I'll make another post about that another time

Happy New Year!