Saturday, January 16, 2016


Setbacks, we all have them. It's time for me to own up to mine

My OFF season started in Sept. that's approx 5months ago. I weighed in at 133 the morning of my last show and slowly worked my way up from there. I've been doing less cardio and eating a lot more food! As a matter of fact, after I finished my reverse diet I found that I was having a hard time getting all that food in! I believe I even made a post previously about how slowly my weight has gone up.

My coach has played around with my program a bit and as of this month I'm currently weight training 3x a week and doing cardio 3x a week. 30 mins steady state and 2x 15 min HIIT sessions.

Previously I would get up at 545 and do 20 mins of cardio before work. Most days of the week. This was not part of my prescribed plan, but I did it anyways. It wasnt necessarily bad, but it wasnt beneficial either. I promised myself that I would take a step back from the cardio. For the next 30 days (started Jan 1) I committed to ONLY doing my prescribed cardio.

Over the christmas break I weighed in at 140. Which is 7 pounds above stage weight and my highest to date. My coach basically told me to chill about it, I was concerned. Up until that point I was under 140 probs closer to 137 which I was happy to maintain. I was over-doing the cardio and at times undereating my starchy carbs. Dec 23 (my check in date) was 140 and FF two wks.. over christmas dinner(s) boxing day festitivities, and NYE I had my next weigh in on the 9th of Jan.. weighin 147 pounds

My heart fluttered a little bit not going to lie. What happened? well, what I mentioned above happened, I stopped the extra cardio. I've put in a bigger effort to get my meals in. and I had several free meals. I'm supposed to carb cycle and I didn't. I over ate on christmas (two dinners anyone?) and again on boxing day.. then went "low days" until NYE where I ate drank and was merry

Well apparently I wasnt being as honest with myself as I thought I had been and really over did it with the food. Plus the processed "treats" i was eating made me feel really lethargic and not motivated. I had some time off from my many jobs over the two wks and found it really hard to get to the gym. I made it! but I really didnt want to and I wanted to just sit on the couch and stuff my face.. which i also didnt do

Slowly getting back to me, tempted to up the cardio again and havent! personal win! trying to focus on lots of sleep pre-prepping my foods and spending time with my peeps

I'll keep you posted how that goes ;) In the mean time I wanted to share what a day in the food life looks like from me.. now this isnt safe to say that I do this every single day.. but these are the things I've been kinda using as go - to's

In this photo:
water! this bottle has BCAA`s in it (pineapple-mango)
Pancakes! these ARE a daily staple, I dont always add fruit
Smoothie bowl! Loving pomegranates lately
egg frittata, egg whites & whole eggs broccoli & spinach then I add not cooked toms, cucumber & peppers
almond milk, tomatoes, yams & avocado
home made pizza with a tortilla base 
and finally the batter of my fave pancakes :) 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Year New Adventures

Well, maybe some not so new adventures. 2016 has only just started and I've already gone on two hikes

the first was Joffre Lakes, just outside of Pemberton area. I'd never been before but seen tonnes of pics online and really wanted to experience it. It's very far away from where I live! haha Stayed the night at my mother in laws the night before in Squamish and then spent the next morning driving the 1 1/2 to Joffre. It was a balmy -16 that day but really clear and sunny. So beautiful. We hiked all three lakes and it took us 2 1/2 hours round trip.. so not bad! Would really like to go again and maybe do an overnight in the summer time to see those beautiful lakes, instead of walking on them haha

We (my girl friend and I) rented snow shoes from MEC. To rent for the weekend and grab a cliff bar cost 15$ totally do able! AND found out that you can rent tents etc from MEC as well so before I bite the bullet and purchase a tent that can be compressed down into a hiking over night pack (for anywhere from 200 - 600$) I can try one out 

Anyhoo, the hike was awesome and we walked on the lakes instead of seeing them so it would be great to go back. We did things a little unconventional .. we carried the shoes on the way up .. didn't feel like it was too treacherous. Once we were on our way back down, we used the snow shoes and we got moving really quickly! So maybe in the future we'll use the shoes for what they're for haha 

Today I was back in the Squamish area with my hubby. He's taking part in a web series about apprentices and since he's a welding apprentice they asked him to take part in a film theyre making. There are two parts to the short story. One - work life and they taped him working for a few days and even released a teaser of that part on the seaspan website

the second part was his personal / private life. A day in the life of a welder apparently, when the video peeps asked my husband what we like to do in our spare time he said that we're both pretty active. He competes in Jits and I do fitness competitions... I guess you could say we're active haha. They taped him this morning training at the school he attends. Then we took the trip to Squamish to go for a "hike"

I've done the sea to summit before with a girlfriend last summer. It is amazing! really well marked. It's approx 7 km and it took us about 3 hours. They have lots of snow right now and we did not rent the shoes this time, we took the gondola up and they filmed us walking around and some pretty cool views.  I haven't done any of the trails at the top so it was cool for me too .. and cold! A warm 1 degree out compared to the past weekend but I was not dressed as prepared as I was last week. Still amazing. I'm so proud of him for taking part in the video. People stopped us and asked if we were famous... um, no haha. Don't you think if either of us were famous you might recognize us? oh well, still cool. 

So now it's sunday night I've had my final meal of the night relaxing after a nice hot bath and planning out the week ahead. Good start to 2016
Few pics from the last two weekends 

Panorama of Joffre Lake Glacier View from 3rd lake

View from the suspension bridge on the Sea to Summit, Squamish

View from the second lake, Joffre Lakes

Sunset Sunday! Sea to Summit in Squamish

Sea to Summit