Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Funday with BCPA

Sunday ... rest day Took the actual day off for once.

I slept in. after i went out last night in the storm of 2016 (haha) and was out till about 12ish came home turned on the boob tube ate some ice cream... i had saved SC for bday cake.. and there was none! so when i came home i had ice cream cause.. well gains  

Went to my very first power lifting competition today to watch a girl compete. She used to be a part of blessed bodies actually and a trainer herself, but that's not how I met her. I actually met this beauty through another friend when they did STRONG camp together.
She totally killed it! She only missed one lift (you get three attempts) of all her lifts and ended up placing second in her weight class

It was a really cool atmosphere. A lot of cheering (turns out I like to cheer for complete strangers) it took a minute to figure out when was the right time to cheer.. i did it wrong trying to be supportive but fixed it with some guidance haa 

Next weekend is the final wedding of this season and also cross fit games! It'll be interesting to see a real life competition vs just seeing it online. The girl that won my friends class was a cross fitter who signed up about 3 wks ago and changed her training in the sense that she toned it a bit and drank more beer?? def NOT the atmosphere i'm used to competition wise 

Although ive never had a truly bad experience backstage at a fitness comp its not nearly as supportive and ecxiting as the power lifting meet was 

I hope I can see more of these type things in the future it was really cool to see something different and OMG are these gals and guys strong!!

Hope ya'll had a good weekend. Survived the storm  

Congrats Meghan on placing and qualifying at your very first Power Lifting competition 

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Well well.. October

Where did this year go? some fun here and there..

Those who know me... know I work a lot. I've made an effort to take more time off to do some fun things this year. I've really enjoyed that! I always say that I wont work three jobs forever. I truly believe that. BUT I don't know which job I would give up. I like them all for their own reasons. So for now.. I'll stay at all of them and complain that I don't have enough time for anything extra haha

Glorify being busy? Perhaps. haha

Diet these days is going well. I've been testing out this whole.. does it fit situation and its been fun. Had some bloating going on and obviously a work in progress haha. Open to eating all the things which is fun. Having some binge like moments having some under eating type moments and had some real enjoyment and savory moments .. so really its an overall win!

BIG news.. my friend is having her baby.. next week! Due in November but complications mean babe has to come early. Mom and baby are BOTH HEALTHY thank the lord! But the little one is scheduled to arrive next week so all your positive vibes and good thoughts their way please!

I, of course, WORK so I'll miss it. BUT Auntie Jess will be there right after work the following day :) I'm going to throw out my guess right now.. I'm thinking it could be a boy.. We'll find out next week if I was right haha

Many a wedding this time of year. Which is new for me. Most of my other friends have gotten married in the spring/summer months but this year the first wedding was sept 4th weekend and the last one will be Oct 22. With thanksgiving and a bday part in the weekends in between its proven to be a very busy time of year!

Cuba is coming!! ONE MONTH OUT on Monday and I'm starting to get excited

Have to start tanning otherwise my white ass might be bright pink or a hard red shortly after we arrive haha. Going to look into the twinrix shot since I'm out dated and of course with a lot of my friends and family members doing the 'baby thing' theres talk of the zika virus

Yes. Cuba is considered a 'hot zone' (AKA a tropical zone) I have known several couple that have gone and had no problems and no warnings. I looked into it on the health Canada travel site and they said that they will NOT be testing anyone without at least two symptoms. Online however, it said that sometimes only 1 in 5 people show symptoms and I'm not down with that. SO needless to say... we will continue to wait to start our family.. sorry (not sorry) mom.

You can see how I really feel about that type of topic on another post that I made earlier in the year: my body is not a topic of discussion

That's all these days... lots of food dates in my future.. this weekend alone although I have Monday off ( a day off with pay?? sign me up!) but a friends bday on Friday, in laws dinner on sat, my family on sunday and a friends-giving on Monday.. holy Hannah!

Got to keep it in check.. there's another chance for another meal (like the next day!) and I will not be missing out

good luck this weekend ya'll stretchy pants ;)

Friday, September 9, 2016



I've been MIA.. Partially because I think of all these posts I want to make when I'm not near a computer and when I finally DO get the time to share some stuff I don't have the same momentum. I also have recently had my computer die! (sorrow) so it's currently under the care of the GEEK squad at Best Buy awaiting to see if it can be fixed at all. So this post comes live from my work computer (yes I'm signed out for the day)

Update.. three months post  BC Cup Test Provincials.. and up 3 pounds from my stage weight. Things have changed quite drastically diet wise for me. My coach introduced a different way of tracking food than I was previously doing. I still count my starchy carbs (SC) healthy fats (HF) proteins fruits dairy etc but now I can also have more  processed stuff..

What does that mean? Well, previously I was considered solely a "clean eater" so I generally made all the foods that I ate myself and generally also ate at home... so now if I REALLY want those oreos or poptarts, random slice of bread, ice cream anyone? haha I can "make it fit" by using up SC for calories. I wont bore you with the details but its been very free ing to be able to eat essentially whatever I want and not worry about derailing my diet or progress. It's certainly been fun to play around with what do I want to eat? I've tried diff protein bars (rebel I know) I've been into fibre one bars lately and put them in chunks on top of either regular ice cream or protein ice cream.. and I feel much more flexible in simply trying something that someone else has.. the other day I was at a bday party and I still do free or untracked meals (yes on TOP of having the processed foods) and tried a bite of bday cake.. literally a bite.. decided yes it was good but not good 'enough' for me to use my untracked meal on it and passed. I never would have done that before.. I would have seen or tasted something sweet had it and then felt like I needed to also eat something (or everything) else to make up for the not so perfect treat I'd already had...

what a relationship. I still feel very food conscious. I don't think that will ever go away now that I am aware of it but, I certainly don't feel a prisoner to my diet.

I'm also no longer on a contest prep diet so I'm not as strict anymore. I'm more focused on fuelling my workouts, relaxing with friends and trying out new things

I recently went to my very first Sikh wedding. I also got to partake in the celebrations with the brides family the week leading up to the actual ceremony. It was really cool! I tried indian cuisine for the first time and also got some henna done. Another coworker lent me some clothes so that I would fit in haha. It was a great time. I was supposed to be lower carb on the days that I went to the brides parties but I figured.. when am I ever going to another Sihk wedding? I'm 30 yrs old and this is my first. It's time to try a few things -- and I did! and do I regret it? NO. I weighed in with my coach today and like I said I'm THREE pounds higher than stage...

I'm doing good.

I also went to see the Book of Mormon in Vancouver recently and am SO glad that I did! It was everything people said it would be. I'll have to write a separate post on that alone I had such a good time.

I've also just booked a trip to Cuba! Varadero specifically for November :) Kind of a post wedding honeymoon. postponed by three years! My sister and her bf are also going and it will be my sisters first all inclusive vacation. Very excited

Well, I should go home instead of hanging out a work on a nice day when I don't need to haha Plus the Blue Jays play tonight so I'd best hit the couch to watch that ;)


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Canada Day Camping

Had three days off last weekend and used it to go camping!

Went to Malawka BC (between Sicamous and Revelstoke) which is approx 5 hrs from where we live in the Fraser Valley. We (my husband and I) went with my sisters boyfriend and a bunch of his friends.
We also went camping with most of this crowd last year a little closer to home and just for an overnight. This time we made the trek and it was nice

We did all the regular stops. Starbucks obvs  haha. Trying to get my hubby into starbucks more so he can be as basic as I am but he goes back and fourth still. I went to the gym first thing that morning so that I didn't have to sacrifice missing any weight training or cardio for the sake of a long weekend. The gym didn't open until 7am though! Damn holidays

We got on the road around 1030 am and got to the campsite around 430. Considering it was a long weekend the traffic wasn't so bad once we got out of the lower mainland.

SO back to camping, weather turned out alright. Even sunny for periods! We got a hike in, we did eagle mtn pass. We stayed at crazy creeks resort and the hike was "across the street" approx 13.5km up a logging trail. Which took us 45 mins to drive up in a 4x4 .. yikes

Friday we got settled in made some dinner and hung out with the peeps. Saturday was for hanging out, went to town to grab things that we forgot (frying pan? don't need one of those camping apparently) and grabbed some booze because one case of beer clearly wasn't enough. Worked for me because I got an almond milk latte out of it haha. Saturday included our hike up Eagle Mtn Pass. The official hike across from the 'resort' that we stayed at. It offered some really great views. We made it to the first peak and took a break then opted to not try to make it to the summit. Too bad, I am willing to bet money that I will never do that hike again haha. Saturday night was for treats and some drinks! I finally had my smoreos (they were good but not the best things I've ever had) some broccoli salad and turkey hot dogs! they were delish! Hot dogs on the campfire are what makes camping IMO

Sunday we made the trek back home brought my sisters bf home with us and then stayed the evening with them and had dinner together. Traffic wasnt the absolute worst but we didnt go home until that night since we knew it was going to be congested.

Here's some pics from our hike!

My body is not a topic of conversation

I read a blog recently that got me thinking ...

It talks about the pressures that women face on their body image. Something that I certainly have some experience with. I have not had a child but I have certainly had my share of comments about how I look.

Now, I'm a sensitive soul and after I did my shows there were plenty of comments about following a show diet during and after the season had ended. I struggled with body acceptance and had trouble with binges over eating and peoples comments. Whether coming out of jest or out of some actual cruelty didn't really matter to me.

If I ate a salad... I thought you didn't have to eat like that anymore?
If I ate a cupcake ... is that part of your body building diet? 

Life is what you make of it. How you interpret things and how you accept things is solely up to you. I took both of those types of comments more personal than I should have.
 The reason? I felt judged. I was also judging myself. 

I have since learned a little more lenience with myself and to stick up for myself once in a while when some one (joking or not) decides they have the right to talk about my life and my diet. Do I get a little harsh at times? I've been told yes. Am I too quick to defend myself maybe in times that don't need defending? It's entirely possible. But, I'm making progress and that's all you can really ask for

Back to the post.. it's about post partum bodies. The pressures that women face on the daily are bad enough as it is. You're not good looking, you're not pretty, you're not "worth it" unless you fit a certain mold.

It doesn't appear to get any easier as a parent. You're expected to be like J.Lo and have an even better body than you did pre-pregnancy! Social media doesn't help either. With the hot mom and #fitmom hashtags of these women that look absolutely insane (good on you!) with a small child at home. If you don't have a six pack but you're child(ren) lived through the day... why can't that be seen as a win?

Why do women have to be supermom. Have a six pack, flawless hair and make up for PTA pick up. Make their kids lunches, do the extra curricular and Pinterest projects and have a happy marriage.

Don't get me started on the judgement that plagues young mothers. I do not have children. I don't know if I'm ready for that type of commitment. I don't know if I'm mentally strong enough to deal with so many others' opinions on every aspect of my life and now my childs life.

Breast feeding vs bottle feeding, co sleeping vs crib. Different foods sleeping patterns, do you go on vacation, do you stay home, do you have PPD do you seek out help from friends/family

The list goes on.. and that's just the people you actually see and talk to! There's tonnes of forums and groups online that just lay it all out there in a judgement train

I'm sincerely hoping that there are also those groups that support each other no matter how ugly things get. I know I've got some great people in my circle that would be there 'no matter what' but is that enough to take the plunge??

Like I've said. I do not have children. I think I will have a baby at some point in my life, but I do not know when. This article just got me to thinking

Moral of the story. Do something for YOU only. Wheither its in the fitness aspect of things, a new job, a new relationship or having a baby. It can't be for anyone else. Believe in yourself and believe that you'll get through it and its OK to 'fail"

Friday night vibes ;)
Happy weekend

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Saturday Night Insomnia

Two weeks post show. Worked today and haven't had enough sleep all week. Did some extra cardio today and did not go for the hike I had planned strictly due to the rain and feeling cold

Did adult things, went grocery shopping came home and prepped some food. Made some bison chilli and I"m excited to see how it turns out. I've never had bison meat before, which is strange because I'm first nations (Metis) and it's a super common cuisine in the native culture. It's also first nations day next week so it felt fitting haha

I just had my 30th bday and I went to Oregon last weekend with my hubby my sister and two more sisters. It was too much fun. Honestly, I feel like we can't go back because we couldn't recreate how that went down haha. I had a good time obvs. Had some really nice weather got to see almost everything I had wanted to and had some fish and chips at Cannon Beach! Dreams come true haha I had halibut fish and chips and some of my sisters popcorn shrimp.. i die 

We went through Portland and into Newport. Saw some light houses lots of starbucks and I totally snagged some fit chick stuff. Found some sugar free pancake syrup at the safeway. There was butter flavor and maple flavor. Couldn't decide. Bought both. Also went to target and hit up the pop tart aisle and bought some hot fudge sundae poptarts... they were only alright (sorry) I did also find S'moreos! what is that? Well its an oreo.. but graham cracker cookie and you know the rest to make smores... I brought them home haven't tried them yet.. but that time will come

SO into the reverse diet obvs! I had a "free day" after my show and had a tonne of different things. The things that stand out the most is the cupcakes that I ordered from sugar addicts cupcakes :

Local (Surrey, BC) online bakery that I ordered 12 gluten free cupcakes from. She let me be super picky for what I wanted (which isnt traditionally the case when you only order 12) but she was super great, flexible with time for pick up catered to my low carb rants and was great about payment. I opted to do an email transfer ahead of time because I dont like the idea of having the chance to forget cash etc 

they were DELISH! and I ate too many.. i def shared a lot but that much sugar always gets me
Had another free meal in Oregon .. one on sat and one on sunday. Wanted to do ice cream in Newport near NYE beach but we weren't done dinner in time so we missed it!! the only let down of the entire weekend, if you want to call it that. More than made up for it with some hot chocolate and cookies while we watched the sunset on NYE beach 

Back to business... I have not been sleeping well at all. I keep staying up way too late, eventhough I'm tired I stay on my phone or computer (like right now?) and continue to be stimulated eventhough I know that I need to REST and also to get up in the morning! I feel like I'm starting to come down with something and some sleep would be ideal. Sunday is  my only day to sleep in and now that I'm up till ..2am it wont be restful no matter how late i sleep in... adult fail 

Tonight I prepped my chilli, made some low carb pancakes or 'fat cakes' for tomorrow. It's another FREE meal for me tomorrow and we're having a family BBQ for my bday :) and also fathers day! My grandparents will also be there because it's my grand fathers bday next friday (june 24) where he will be 93 years old! so lot's to celebrate :) 

I made some cupcakes for this event. I went through superstore the other day to pick up some things I actually needed and several things I did not. I can touch on that later. I did grab more betty crocker cake mixes because they were on sale. I picked up a chocolate brownie mix and a rainbow box, because who doesn't like vanilla/rainbow? Well apparently I think that way every time I've purchased because I now own three boxes!! So I made one of them tonight. I added almond milk instead of regular milk, partially because I dont own regular milk and I have a lactose sensitivity. Normally I would put stevia in it but no one else uses that in regular life haha and tend to not like the taste so instead I added coconut oil and vanilla extract. I also added fresh raspberries inside the batter. My mom prefers just regular cake so I made several plain and boring. I did 24 cupcakes altogether. 6 plain, 6 with raspberries, 6 with jam and 6 with raspberries and jam. Whipped vanilla frosting and some skor bits on top with a light dusting of pumpkin pie spice. Topped with a single raspberry ... you could say I'm looking fwd to trying them tmrw :) 

I did not have one tonight, and although i did lick my finger when I got frosting on it that's where it stopped. I realised a long time ago that a taste quickly turns into an extra meal which quickly turns into extra  pounds


Not at all interested in gaining reckless wait this off season. I do not know when / if I will compete again in the future and I want to look fit/healthy etc on a regular basis not just for show time.

I weighed in 137 on show day. My highest to date and I want to stay between 135-140 on my regular. I like how I look in this range and when it's summer time why not look good in your bikini? 

Ok well I've ranted on for a while.. here's some pics of my awesome cupcakes! I'll hopefully have an update from my show and shots of Oregon as well

Happy saturday / Happy Fathers day :) 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

1 week out

Well someone has been lazy updating!

There have been so many times I think of a good topic to touch on in this blog and then get to doing something else and it leaves and I don't feel inspired enough to write and then this happens..

My apologies.

I was approved for my show!! the BC Cup, aka tested provincials is a tier TWO show and gets you a qualification to the world qualifier which will be in New Bruinswick this year on June 25

Top 5 will move on. Will I go this year? No. It's too much money at this point. I've always wanted to explore more of eastern Canada and this is an opportune time to do so yes but the expenses to do another peak week, more weeks on season. Another tan, make up and hair application not to mention the flight and hotel and food pick up.. oh and the time off of three jobs... that old thing haha

So this year I'm only doing ONE show.. weird right? Since I've started competing I've always done more than one show. My first season I did three! Last year was two. The world qualifier in Toronto and the Knight of Champions (not drug tested) in Surrey BC

I was tempted to do another association which had a show a few wks ago but I ended up not doing it. I'm really happy that I've only decided to do the one show. It has a give it all you've got because its almost over vibe to it.

16 wks has proven to be a long prep for me. I'm really happy that I decided to do it and give myself that much  more time to make the tweaks necessary for stage. But in the same breath 16 wks is a long time to be focused on training. I'm always training and eating according to my goals anyways but this is a bit different. It can be mentally and physically draining. Especially in the end

So here we are. One week out. I've got a new suit that I've rented that I'm really excited about. Bringing old faithful again obviously since the last suit I rented wasn't approved for show, and I don't need that kind of stress the night before my show!

I've got a totally different mind set this time around. I've really been focused on positive thoughts/affirmations throughout this prep. With my 30th bday right around the corner (6 days post show exactly) my resolution this year was self relfection. I've been working through a few self help / self betterment books to help with this mindset as well

The biggest change for my this time around is I'm kind of excited to meet the other girls competing. I watched the Kelowna show and I'm hoping to meet some of those girls backstage. Looking forward to positive vibes and maybe making a friend or two even! What? bikini girls aren't catty? well, this one isnt haha but I def have a very strong resting bitch face, and come show time I'm pretty focused on me. Going to make a personal goal to enjoy the day and to reach out to someone to congratulate them on competing.

I've got my usual suspects coming, my husband and my fit bestie are both coming to the morning and night show :) My sister has to work and she's already committed to coming to my bday weekend the following week. She's hoping to come out for evening and possible treats afterwards :)

This is a very local show, in New West. We'll see if any other friends partake. I stopped taking it personally a long time ago when friends say that they're interested in coming (I bet they honestly are) but in reality don't look into getting tickets etc and in the end don't come. This day is about me and my hard work. But its also about everyone else who put in the work. It's also about those who have to deal with my for my 16 wk prep (see my recent IG post haha) and thank yous are def in order!

Any prep has good a bad sides. Mood swings and low carb days are common things you hear about and they are true! My husband is a saint and I'm thankful that he has the patience that he has to deal with me. I tend to take on too much on a good day let alone a day that doesn't have any starchy carbs added to it

My very supportive girlfriend will be in the crowd as well. We prepped for our first shows together and shes def heard the ups and downs and gone through them all herself. Competing in a subjective sport can be really mentally damaging. I'm normally a fairly upbeat person but I can certainly be my own worst critic and be insecure just like anyone else and she's been the best sounding board for that

My sister of course is always a strong point in my life not just my competitive life. She's always got my back even when I'm being ridiculous haha

Well this is starting to ramble on so I'll try to update again this week as peak week continues! At least there will be an update after the show

The following week we'll be heading down to Astoria Oregon for my 30th bday trip and am I ever excited! More on that to come


Sunday, March 13, 2016

12 weeks out Update

Well, 12 wks out from the BC Cup AKA Tested Provincials.

I've been going through some minor diet changes and upped the cardio
Now, I do one more HIIT session than last month and one more Interval session so things are starting to tighten up. I was previously eating what I felt... was LOTS of food! It was actually hard to get it all in at times, and I would under eat. That's not consistant with my goals, for maintenance or for prep

So I've lost about 3 pounds so far since starting my prep 4 wks ago. I opted to do a 16 week prep this time vs the traditional 12 wk one. So far really happy with my decision:)  working on posing and being more mindful about what food choices I'm making is good process to start when it comes to prep

I'm by no means restricted at this point. There will come a time for that but at this point my diet is still 'wide open' just the portions for the day are smaller. It's super easy to get my protein in for the day now (that shit gets expensive) and my veggies are UP and my fats are UP ... personally I prefer a lower carb higher fat diet just because I love fats haha but carbs def have their purpose too!

I've been trying to stop leaning on protein powder so much, it tastes so good though and I'm a fiend for sweets. I've recently made the  mistake of buying whey isolate protein powder and it gives me gas and bloating.. who doesn't love a distended stomach am i right? I have a lactose sensitivity and since I bought the big tub I dont want it to go to waste. So I bought some lactase to help, and so far it has been but I'd rather find what doesnt bloat me instead... oh woes

I've noticed a bit of excess around my lower abdomin. Anyone who knows me IRL knows that I'm my smallest in my mid section and everything else looks average (I dont get ripped legs or arms in prep... and I'm always searching for that new vein or muscle pop) so having this area take  little longer to tighten up has been something I'm watching haha. It'll be the first thing for an obvious change when I'm on prep

It's also where I wear a lot of my insecurities. When it comes to having babies etc and you see so many people talk how they 'were so thin' and then had a baby and their bodies went to the way side... I dont have super ripped limbs so I get worried about what my stomach etc will look like.. Reality? it doesnt matter, no one other than me actually cares but its hard to change a mindset

Here's some progress of me at 12 wks out.. flexed & unflexed 

Sunday, February 28, 2016


As I wrote before I've been listening to a lot of podcasts while I workout, or while I have a long drive etc

I recently was recommended the Valentines day special (2 parts) pod cast by Jess C Lively of "The Jess Lively show" about pleasure.

I really enjoyed it, and I think you might too. No, it's not about strictly sexual pleasure as the title might lead you to believe. It does touch on that but it's more about what brings you pleasure

It got me to thinking. What brings me pleasure? Well, on friday nights I usually spend it alone and quietly. I work most saturdays and friday is just another workday. So, on friday night after work I go to the gym and it's usually a cardio day. I pick a podcast pick a machine (or two) and grind out my 30+ mins

After I'm done that part, I do some stretches and then I sit in the infra- red sauna for another 30 mins. There I"ll either continue another podcast or I'll read a book. I have finished You're a Badass and started reading the Secret. I found that the Secret has lot's of great little things but requires more effort than I have to give right now. I may read it as a proof read and then do the exercises on the second time through. I also recently purchased Money Talks by Gail Vaz Oxlade and it's certainly peaked my interest

Back on topic...

After I sweat it out in the sauna I come home and have a meal. I also have a shower! (gross) Right now I've been coming home and practicing posing for my next show. Transitions, different angles, walking in my heels. I'm currently 14 wks out from my next show: the BCABBA BC Cup in June

Trying to think about what brings me pleasure. What shirt makes me feel pleasure, what socks bring me pleasure. What tv shows do I enjoy. What foods do I just LOVE to eat or look fwd to ?
There's no right or wrong, no good or bad here.. but what brings a smile to my face or a flutter in my stomach thats just sitting in my everyday?

Gravitate towards that. I suggest listening to the pod cast or reading the blogs

Tonight my husband and I went to Vancouver to celebrate some of my in laws bdays (there's three next week!) and enjoyed the pleasure of each others company

I encourage you to find your pleasure. Be surprised in how many little things in your day really bring you joy

Friday, February 5, 2016

Pod Casts

New to the Pod Cast scene. My husband has been an avid listener to the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) and told many a friend that they should also tune in.

Whenever we go on a longer drive or a road trip of any kind we put one on, since we cannot agree on any type of music haha

SO I have an older phone, that is now basically my computer like music device haha
I downloaded pod cast addict and started tuning in!

So far I've listened to JRE and Layne Nortons channels. Of course I've found some stuff about fitness and health and since I'm at the gym all the time anyways I figure why not expand my mind while I try to grow some shoulders! (and glutes, lets get real... I'm a bikini girl haha)

Previously I would just stream the radio on my ipod but I wanted something a bit different. The harder part is the fact that most of these pod casts are over an hour.. and my workouts generally are not. but it's given me something new to look fwd to at the gym

If anyone out there in internet land has a favourite channel or specific podcast please feel free to comment below!

I also

In a completely unrelated note, please got VOTE for me to be on the cover of status fitness magazine :) VERY excited to see that my phote was shared as one of the possible contestants from a photoshoot that I did in Vancouver with Ali Sohrab of BAM studios

happy friday!

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Setbacks, we all have them. It's time for me to own up to mine

My OFF season started in Sept. that's approx 5months ago. I weighed in at 133 the morning of my last show and slowly worked my way up from there. I've been doing less cardio and eating a lot more food! As a matter of fact, after I finished my reverse diet I found that I was having a hard time getting all that food in! I believe I even made a post previously about how slowly my weight has gone up.

My coach has played around with my program a bit and as of this month I'm currently weight training 3x a week and doing cardio 3x a week. 30 mins steady state and 2x 15 min HIIT sessions.

Previously I would get up at 545 and do 20 mins of cardio before work. Most days of the week. This was not part of my prescribed plan, but I did it anyways. It wasnt necessarily bad, but it wasnt beneficial either. I promised myself that I would take a step back from the cardio. For the next 30 days (started Jan 1) I committed to ONLY doing my prescribed cardio.

Over the christmas break I weighed in at 140. Which is 7 pounds above stage weight and my highest to date. My coach basically told me to chill about it, I was concerned. Up until that point I was under 140 probs closer to 137 which I was happy to maintain. I was over-doing the cardio and at times undereating my starchy carbs. Dec 23 (my check in date) was 140 and FF two wks.. over christmas dinner(s) boxing day festitivities, and NYE I had my next weigh in on the 9th of Jan.. weighin 147 pounds

My heart fluttered a little bit not going to lie. What happened? well, what I mentioned above happened, I stopped the extra cardio. I've put in a bigger effort to get my meals in. and I had several free meals. I'm supposed to carb cycle and I didn't. I over ate on christmas (two dinners anyone?) and again on boxing day.. then went "low days" until NYE where I ate drank and was merry

Well apparently I wasnt being as honest with myself as I thought I had been and really over did it with the food. Plus the processed "treats" i was eating made me feel really lethargic and not motivated. I had some time off from my many jobs over the two wks and found it really hard to get to the gym. I made it! but I really didnt want to and I wanted to just sit on the couch and stuff my face.. which i also didnt do

Slowly getting back to me, tempted to up the cardio again and havent! personal win! trying to focus on lots of sleep pre-prepping my foods and spending time with my peeps

I'll keep you posted how that goes ;) In the mean time I wanted to share what a day in the food life looks like from me.. now this isnt safe to say that I do this every single day.. but these are the things I've been kinda using as go - to's

In this photo:
water! this bottle has BCAA`s in it (pineapple-mango)
Pancakes! these ARE a daily staple, I dont always add fruit
Smoothie bowl! Loving pomegranates lately
egg frittata, egg whites & whole eggs broccoli & spinach then I add not cooked toms, cucumber & peppers
almond milk, tomatoes, yams & avocado
home made pizza with a tortilla base 
and finally the batter of my fave pancakes :) 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Year New Adventures

Well, maybe some not so new adventures. 2016 has only just started and I've already gone on two hikes

the first was Joffre Lakes, just outside of Pemberton area. I'd never been before but seen tonnes of pics online and really wanted to experience it. It's very far away from where I live! haha Stayed the night at my mother in laws the night before in Squamish and then spent the next morning driving the 1 1/2 to Joffre. It was a balmy -16 that day but really clear and sunny. So beautiful. We hiked all three lakes and it took us 2 1/2 hours round trip.. so not bad! Would really like to go again and maybe do an overnight in the summer time to see those beautiful lakes, instead of walking on them haha

We (my girl friend and I) rented snow shoes from MEC. To rent for the weekend and grab a cliff bar cost 15$ totally do able! AND found out that you can rent tents etc from MEC as well so before I bite the bullet and purchase a tent that can be compressed down into a hiking over night pack (for anywhere from 200 - 600$) I can try one out 

Anyhoo, the hike was awesome and we walked on the lakes instead of seeing them so it would be great to go back. We did things a little unconventional .. we carried the shoes on the way up .. didn't feel like it was too treacherous. Once we were on our way back down, we used the snow shoes and we got moving really quickly! So maybe in the future we'll use the shoes for what they're for haha 

Today I was back in the Squamish area with my hubby. He's taking part in a web series about apprentices and since he's a welding apprentice they asked him to take part in a film theyre making. There are two parts to the short story. One - work life and they taped him working for a few days and even released a teaser of that part on the seaspan website

the second part was his personal / private life. A day in the life of a welder apparently, when the video peeps asked my husband what we like to do in our spare time he said that we're both pretty active. He competes in Jits and I do fitness competitions... I guess you could say we're active haha. They taped him this morning training at the school he attends. Then we took the trip to Squamish to go for a "hike"

I've done the sea to summit before with a girlfriend last summer. It is amazing! really well marked. It's approx 7 km and it took us about 3 hours. They have lots of snow right now and we did not rent the shoes this time, we took the gondola up and they filmed us walking around and some pretty cool views.  I haven't done any of the trails at the top so it was cool for me too .. and cold! A warm 1 degree out compared to the past weekend but I was not dressed as prepared as I was last week. Still amazing. I'm so proud of him for taking part in the video. People stopped us and asked if we were famous... um, no haha. Don't you think if either of us were famous you might recognize us? oh well, still cool. 

So now it's sunday night I've had my final meal of the night relaxing after a nice hot bath and planning out the week ahead. Good start to 2016
Few pics from the last two weekends 

Panorama of Joffre Lake Glacier View from 3rd lake

View from the suspension bridge on the Sea to Summit, Squamish

View from the second lake, Joffre Lakes

Sunset Sunday! Sea to Summit in Squamish

Sea to Summit