Setbacks, we all have them. It's time for me to own up to mine

My OFF season started in Sept. that's approx 5months ago. I weighed in at 133 the morning of my last show and slowly worked my way up from there. I've been doing less cardio and eating a lot more food! As a matter of fact, after I finished my reverse diet I found that I was having a hard time getting all that food in! I believe I even made a post previously about how slowly my weight has gone up.

My coach has played around with my program a bit and as of this month I'm currently weight training 3x a week and doing cardio 3x a week. 30 mins steady state and 2x 15 min HIIT sessions.

Previously I would get up at 545 and do 20 mins of cardio before work. Most days of the week. This was not part of my prescribed plan, but I did it anyways. It wasnt necessarily bad, but it wasnt beneficial either. I promised myself that I would take a step back from the cardio. For the next 30 days (started Jan 1) I committed to ONLY doing my prescribed cardio.

Over the christmas break I weighed in at 140. Which is 7 pounds above stage weight and my highest to date. My coach basically told me to chill about it, I was concerned. Up until that point I was under 140 probs closer to 137 which I was happy to maintain. I was over-doing the cardio and at times undereating my starchy carbs. Dec 23 (my check in date) was 140 and FF two wks.. over christmas dinner(s) boxing day festitivities, and NYE I had my next weigh in on the 9th of Jan.. weighin 147 pounds

My heart fluttered a little bit not going to lie. What happened? well, what I mentioned above happened, I stopped the extra cardio. I've put in a bigger effort to get my meals in. and I had several free meals. I'm supposed to carb cycle and I didn't. I over ate on christmas (two dinners anyone?) and again on boxing day.. then went "low days" until NYE where I ate drank and was merry

Well apparently I wasnt being as honest with myself as I thought I had been and really over did it with the food. Plus the processed "treats" i was eating made me feel really lethargic and not motivated. I had some time off from my many jobs over the two wks and found it really hard to get to the gym. I made it! but I really didnt want to and I wanted to just sit on the couch and stuff my face.. which i also didnt do

Slowly getting back to me, tempted to up the cardio again and havent! personal win! trying to focus on lots of sleep pre-prepping my foods and spending time with my peeps

I'll keep you posted how that goes ;) In the mean time I wanted to share what a day in the food life looks like from me.. now this isnt safe to say that I do this every single day.. but these are the things I've been kinda using as go - to's

In this photo:
water! this bottle has BCAA`s in it (pineapple-mango)
Pancakes! these ARE a daily staple, I dont always add fruit
Smoothie bowl! Loving pomegranates lately
egg frittata, egg whites & whole eggs broccoli & spinach then I add not cooked toms, cucumber & peppers
almond milk, tomatoes, yams & avocado
home made pizza with a tortilla base 
and finally the batter of my fave pancakes :) 


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