Reflection - Getting on Stage

Here is something I saw shared on FB recently and it got  me thinking ..
Real Talk Coaching Tidbits~
In my line of work, I can totally appreciate the intention behind the statement that I hear waaaay too often:
"well, I want to prep like I am doing a show, without actually doing a show".
(thoughtful pause, while I bring my hands together, finger tip to finger tip, right in front of my mouth - no, actually TOUCHING my mouth - to prevent me from saying what is about to pop out of it, and to partially conceal the look that must have crossed my face before I was able to catch it....)
Sooooo, let me get this straight. What you are saying is that despite MANY MANY competitors (and wanna be competitors) being largely unable to complete "show prep", even when they DO have a show looming on the horizon..... many of which have paid hundreds/thousands out of pocket in coaches fees, posing suits, shoes, jewelry, federation registration, and even show registration... many who have already sacrificed 8-12 weeks IN prep (translation: 2-3 MONTHS of their year) already dedicated to the process, yet are still largely unable to complete the remaining few weeks because it is really THAT hard.... mentally, physically, emotionally....
So you are saying that knowing ALL of that, coupled with what you have just told me about your inability to be consistent with any "normal" diet and/or training plan....
You are saying that you feel confident that you don't need the pressure of a looming show date on the horizon, or the fear of losing all the money you have already spent, or the pressure of already having told hundreds of people that you are stepping on stage... you know, ALL those things that typically serve as the last resort motivation when the whole "novelty" wears off and sh*t gets real.....
You are saying you have a stellar plan to forgo all that nonsense and just jump in and whip your sh*t together in lean, mean show shape just...just... for fun????
In the wise words of an obviously wise person: Dafuc you smoking?
and more importantly, I want to give you a little heads up. That's a wee bit insulting to the competitive athletes who fight their way through show prep because they ARE getting on stage. I don't think anyone nonchalantly tells Michael Phelps that they are going to swim like they prepping for the Olympics, without actually competing. It really undermines the DEDICATION and DESIRE that these people have that allows them to push through the DIFFICULTY.
And if you don't know anything at all about competing, I will tell you something. Competitors only go through that hell to look that good for the ONE DAY that they are on stage. They can't and don't stay that way. So it makes a sum total of ZERO sense that anyone should think that they can or should "prep like they are doing a show, without actually doing a show."
I think that what it MAY boil down to is that the general public has NO idea what we go through for those 10 minutes on stage. They can't possibly know. So that's why I am telling you this.
That statement makes about as much sense as someone deciding that they want to go through pregnancy and delivery without actually having the baby.
I think you will have much greater success if you manage your expectations and speak them accordingly. Something like "I want to feel good about myself in a bathing suit." THAT is something I can help you with!!!

It's a long read I know, but it got my wheels turning ... 

I recently competed, twice .. on May 4 in Richmond, BC in the NPAA BC Classic Bikini Novice Tall...I placed second in my class of ten people.. pretty awesome
The show itself was very well run, was verrry quick and the people running it really have their stuff together.. was a very pleasant experience and I feel like it was a good 'pre-show' before I jumped into a bigger association a few short week later
Two weeks later, on May 17  I entered the BCABBA Western Canadians on Kelowna BC where I was again in Bikini tall (Class F, the tallest class) and I placed first in my class! That meant I got to try again to take the overall (I didnt win haha) But the experience was awesome.. although this show was sooo much bigger .. approx 315 athletes vs the approx 60 at the last show.. so the day was much longer 
More on that for another time... this is supposed to be about the post I saw on FB .. 

So this post got me thinking, I'm very fortunate to be able to compete.. I never considered not getting on stage.. sure I thought about quitting, during cardio, during my sets when they I was tired or too hot or whatever reason that gets under your skin and makes you want to stop, I didn't want to stick to my diet.. would have rather gone out with friends instead of prepping food, have a glass of wine with the girls .. and when I did attend parties, because I did try to have something of a social life while on prep.. being up super late was def detrimental to my diet plans 
Was I perfect all the time? No.  I cheated on my diet, I'm not perfect
The hardest parts for me, were being out late with friends.. I could prep my food and bring a snack with me and avoid all the candies/treats/chips etc... but as the night wore on and I was tired my body wanted something to fuel it if I was going to keep it up so late after having trained/cardio/work etc all day and wasnt listening to the cues and just going to bed! I never cheated with chips/pop/booze but I would eat more fruit than I was supposed to.. fruit is def my weakness! haha (well fruit and carbs) Plus when you're over tired you always want somethinig sugary to spike you through... or at least I do 
All that being said, and the mental and physical drain that comes with training for a competition... There was never a time that I can say I wanted to quit everything... I never considered not stepping on stage, and I'm proud of that fact.. I'm determined and I'm strong and I'll be stepping on stage once more this season for BCABBA Provincials on June 28 at the Massey Theatre :) 

Happy training.


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