You're Greater

So last week I posted a little blurp I found on FB that got me thinking, well this week I've found an inspirational Pin on Pinterest and thought I'd share it

I shared this on my IG as well this week, feel free to come find me: @xjust_jess is my handle :)

So more food for though, as I prep for Provincials at the end of the month I have a lot on my mind for sure! I had to qualify for this show, so the competition will def be more intense but there were some pretty amazing looking athletes competing at the novice level so I can only imagine what will be on this stage

When you qualify for Provincials you get the choice:
Compete the year you qualify (which is the route I chose)
Compete the following year ... my gf I train with had said that if she had qualified for Provincials she would have taken the year off to bring an even better package, which I think is a great idea .. so there will be those ladies on that stage! Not intimidating at all (haha) I'm new to this sport I've only been training with the ideal of stepping on stage since Jan 1 2014 but I've made some great progress thus far .. I also chose to do Provincials this year because of cost, I don't like the idea of paying for prep and everything all over again next year when I have no idea where I'll be at in my personal life (ie: Job / Baby / Travel etc) plus I didn't have much going on and at the time I was pretty nervous about being off-season (more on that another time)

So here I am! Prepping for Provincials, even when I say it out loud or write it down I still have to stop and really try to wrap my mind around that fact

Which is where this lil post comes from  :)
Last year this time I was only day dreaming about competing, I was about to get married in August and had other things pulling at my time and especially my wallet
So fast forward a year, my husband has just finished his trades program and just got a job (yay!) so we'll be able to work on that saving thing people are always talking about after being a one income household this year

When I first read this little passage running came to mind, sure running sounds like no big deal .. but it can be a big mental game
When I was training for the BMO (Vancouver 2013) there was lots of runs in the rain, the sunshine, hot cold weather, after a long day at work, before a baseball game.. you name it. It just had to be done, have to get your runs in .. long runs, short runs, hill runs, sprints etc it can really get under your skin... and then you run a RACE .. now I was no where near the first person in my group.. not even close! But I finished, and within a time that I had set for myself (HUGE WIN)

Now if I had only counted my success on how I placed at that run? I would have been very let down
Because it's not about that.  Looking back, I'm very blessed to be healthy enough (and have the drive) to get out there every time to run, to be able to afford the training and race fees, to have no injuries during training or race day and be able to complete  my run

I need to remember this part during my prep for Provincials, dead last... even if I place dead last  I still qualified for this how in my first year of competing 
Time to focus on ME  on how I feel  where my happiness is at, and to be proud of how far I've come

 Hope you can also find inspiration in this quote, to push for those goals because with a little blood sweat and tears they will become  your reality

Lastly, and most importantly, be proud of yourself:  your entire journey -- don't wait to be finished, don't feel bad when you have a miss-step or if you don't place as well as you wanted to .. if it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

Do it for you.


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