Strong Magazine Hiit the beach fitness challenge

Hey all,

the fitness team I'm a part of : Team Blessed Bodies, is doing a challenge for the month of july, it's the #hiitthebeachchallenge from Strong Fitness Magazine 

You can find the challenge online : 

30 mins, 8 sets, 15 reps each (per side when applicable) get as many in as you can
I did my challenge on Sunday July 20 and in 30 mins I did 35 rounds, not the worst... I was hoping to break 40 but I'm going to give it another shot on weds with my girl friend :) 

I had spent the (mini) weekend in Penticton for a stagette which was a lot of fun, I stayed on plan (no drinks for this girl) eventhough I'm officially OFF-SEASON and allowed to have cheats, I have a lot of stuff to celebrate -- this week alone I have my sisters bday (tonight) my husbands bday on friday (the big 3-0) a wedding that I'm in on saturday and a wedding I'm attending as a guest on sunday.. so I had plently of opportunities to have cheat meals, and since I dont need liquor to have a good time.. it was fine!

So back to the challenge, I was trying to get my hubby to do it with me since he's naturally fit and I figured it would push me to go farther/harder since he's almost always better than me when it comes to fitness -- the only place I've had him beat is long distance running ;) but he wasn't up for the challenge and ended up just timing me instead.. so my 35 rounds is my on my own and my next one I'll get to see if having done it once before is helpful for better time AND if having a friend to do it with you helps too! 

stay tuned ;) 

You can find the full spread in the July/August edition of Strong Ftiness Magazine on pages 54-57 and you'll also find my awesome team mate Jennifer Cordeiro, and you can visit her blog as well

Hope you guys enjoyed my quick little update, it's been a while since I've blogged and I've had a lot going on... promise to update soon, especially a post about my experience at BCABBA Provincials and just contest prep as a whole!

Happy Tues 


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