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Just wanted to share some photos (non-edits) that I had done with Bam studios out here in Vancouver right before I did my final show this season, BCABBA Provincials 

I had played softball for about 12 years, I play at a a competitive level in a womens league.. and no I do not play slow pitch (there is a difference) there are certainly competitive levels of slow pitch for sure and I am not good enough at slow pitch to be playing at that level! haha But, most people think when I say I play baseball that I'm talking about the beer league version and that simply isn't the case.  I have spared and even played part time on teams in the past, but it's strictly as a favor or for the social aspect.. like I said before, I'm not very good at slow pitch! 

That being said, in softball I've played all levels, house & rep, we train in the off season earlier than most and the girls are more like family than team mates <3

This year was the first season since I started playing ball that I wasn't able to be there 100% due to my drive to compete.  I ended up being a part time player I missed all of the tournaments due to not being able to book anymore time off from work because I work on saturdays and I had taken a bunch of time off for weddings/stagettes and now my competitions so they put a big fat DENY on anymore time off that I requested.  My team/coach understood but i def missed out on a lot this year

Still certainly my passion I'll be back agian next season, although I will most likely be part time again.  This season i'm optimistic that I'll have a better handle on how to organize my schedule since it won't be my first time competing 

Hopefully this time around I'll have a little more support than I felt I got last year. Although most of my group were supportive at least to my face there were certainly things that I missed out on and felt almost punished for having the goals that I did, they require an awful lot of your time!

This being a new thing for me this year, I certainly had a hard time organizing eveything from my three jobs to friends stuff to bdays, weekends away, random days for coffee with meal prep and going to the gym up to six times a week, sometimes twice a day near the end! Once my diet got more and more strict closer to my competition I wouldn't go out to dinners with people simply because I didn't want to be tempted to have something off plan and derail my progress... Yes, I'm aware that one meal or even one snack one change that much but, I'm an all or nothing kinda gal and once I have a taste of something I have a much harder time saying NO after that ... So I was secluded a lot in the last little bit of my prep and my friends weren't used to that I think. When I was done competing, I was free to come out to more things with my gym schedule and food prep more laxed but by this time others had moved on without me and gotten used to me not being around.. I'm still trying to make a real effort so that people who I may have neglected can hopefully see that I do truly care still and although I feel hurt that I may not be included like I used to be, they most likely, also felt hurt that maybe I was too busy for them and not able to make them the priority that they have always deserved to be also

Anywho.....that's just a little something I'm working on for the moment ;) Being better than you used to be is always the drive! 

Here's the pics that the entire post was supposed to be about:

Huge Blue Jays fan! and this outfit was inspired by another fitness model & bikini Pro belinda kiriakou.  Her photos were with the blue jays hat (like above) and a blue bikini... I'd like to have some photos that weren't strictly in a bikini .. so I figured the long socks and tank top would be a nice change up (although still very little clothes) and a shout out to my ball girls <3


  1. thanks for the love al! You and Dee have always been some of my biggest supporters! <3 <3


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