CBBF Natural Nationals

woot woot.  Natural Nationals in Toronto! Aug 22, 2015 (my wedding anniversary weekend)

As you know I competed in bikini competitions last year. Three to be exact

One was with NPAA (an association out of alberta that is drug tested) I got 2nd place in novice bikini tall
Second was with BCABBA in Kelowna where I placed first in novice bikini tall, also a drug tested show
Third was BCABBA Provincial Championships where I placed 8th and it was not drug tested

At the time I competed in Kelowna only the top 3 went onto the next round and everyone got a good luck next time.  Top 5 takes home some kind of hardware and first place gets the chance to 'win it all' and take the over-all win against everyone else who also took first in their categories (different by height)
I won first at that show, qualified to go to Provincials that year or this year and had the chance to win the overall ... I did not win the overall (ha)

This year they've changed the rules and now top 5 get the chance to show their stuff at the next level, each for two years. You can go the first year (like I did) and then you have to re-qualify .. or you can take a year off and compete the following year.  If you don't compete in that two year window however, you lose your qualification and have to start over

I placed 8th out of 10 for the entire province! When you go to Provincials it's a smaller show and they cut down the classes so originally i was in Class F (5'9 - 6+ ft) and I was condensed into the smaller class D

I was very proud with how I did.. even if it was technically the worst I had done to date in competitions haha I had been ON season for about 6 months ( I started Jan 1  and my final comp was June 28) I feel like my muscles looked a bit fuller in my second show but my legs were looking leaner in my third.  I was suuuper tired and just kind of over prep

When I was at provincials, a girl who I had competed with in Kelowna informed me that I had also qualified for a World Qualifier competition in Montreal.  Not interested.  I was so done with my crazy diet and hectic workout schedule.  I was suuuper tired and I had just lost my job (literally two days before) I had commitments of weddings, stagettes and other things that my friends were counting on me for.. and now, no job to pay for anything

Plus competing is expensive! Training is expensive.. you're supposed to enjoy it, not suffer for it .. so I said thanks for the info but I have no intention of travelling that far

Fast fwd a year.

I contacted the head of the association and asked if I still technically qualified for CBBF Nationals since I had opted to compete in provincials last year.  The answer is Yes.  

So here I am, I've had kind of a rocky off season.. Went too far too fast and wasnt true to myself.  I let others opinions and comments take over how I felt I should act and feel, and in the end I didnt listen to myself.  My body was telling me to slow down, take it easy, stop eating so much crap! I indulged in negative thinking, hating myself and how I felt, fat face, fat body (inflammation) bad skin (over processed foods) and a lot of weight gain.  I didn't listen

So, now here I am in the new year, I am about 15 pounds over what I should be for an athlete in the maintenance phase.  For those of you who are curious I'm sitting at about 155 lbs My goal is to weight 140

A general rule of thumb is that maintenance should be approx 10 pounds above stage weight. My final weigh in before I stepped on stage was 124.  Now, I'm approx 5'10 and to be honest I didnt like how I looked at that time as a day to day look. Technically my goal should be 135, which is possible. I weighed that much when I got married .,. and I did that all on my own

I do things a little differently now, I eat according to my goals --> muscle growth!
In order for me to be considered for On season again I need to lose this weight and prove to my coach that I can maintain it before she will agree to even consider me going back On Season this year

So here's where my grind starts! We're also doing a team photo shoot in March and I want to 'trim the excess' by that time.. maintain for the following month and a bit and then apply to be on season.

If I get accepted I get to try for the chance for my Pro Card which would lead to invites all over the world to compete at professional level events.  The Arnold Classic, the Olympia etc things that are shown live on tv for god sake, I would be a professional athlete.  That's pretty cool.

I've got some serious changes to make to my body but I've got 7months to do so. I grind it out to the best of my ability while I'm in the gym I eat according to me goals and I just need to keep up my water in take, enjoy my life and rest days and those around me

As long as I find a life balance I'm sure the weight will take care of itself

Time to grind on! Wish me luck :)


Here's a look at one of Canada's most recent IFBB Pros Anette Delarosa a BC girl who won at the CBBF Nationals July 2014 in Alberta (the non drug tested version) to get an idea what makes the cut as a top physique


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