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I was cruising around Facebook today on my day off (not a normal day off for me) and I came across this article/blog that someone had shared

It's a mans blog where he's highlighting another blogger (a woman) who writes about Women who lift and are told not to get too manly

I found it interesting and thought it was share worthy :)

Certainly an interesting topic from the point of view from someone who was very skinny/frail/thin etc and was never told that she should worry about getting too skinny and the astigmatism that follow women's bodies

too fat

too skinny

too this ... to that..

I have also been told that I should worry about gaining too much muscle.. its not sexy (legit a guy told me that at the gym) my own mother warned me about looking like a man

I've been lifting and dieting like an athlete for almost 2 years and I look anything but mannish

I have a nice lifted booty and although I dont have a large chest .. I never did in the first place (haha) I love the fit life and (most) of the challenges that come with it. I was one of those dreaded cardio bunnies when I first started.. thankfully I found a different way cause those 5lbs weights were going to get me no where.. but was a good place to start!

I was also someone who was told I was too skinny.. but it wasn't until I was doing competitions... I weighed a whopping 100 pounds in high school at one point.. I'm 5'10 by the way... that's not OK

Not one person told me I was too skinny.. I was losing my hair and things were not good in my life .. this wasn't the result of an eating disorder thankfully but once I got my life back together I've been a much healthier weight

I also identified with the parts the writer posts about people commenting on the food you chose to eat or not to eat.  Post competition season I got comments if
I ate salad : I thought you didnt have to do that anymore? 
I'm sorry, what? you mean eat?? I happen to like salads...
If  I ate cake/cookies/cupcakes/anything 'bad' for you:  Is that part of your body building diet?

It's exceptionally hard to swallow thinking that people are judging you for everything that you do, especially those that you care about .. most people have no negative intentions with their comments but they certainly stuck with me and I tend to dwell about things like that... work in progress ;)

Regardless, if you get the chance, I hope you enjoy the read.. I certainly did



  1. I feel you on the food comments. Been trying to up the calories. The brofessor expresses it rather well.

  2. I feel you on the food comments. Been trying to up the calories. The brofessor expresses it rather well.

  3. I do have a love for the bro-fessor.. he's one of my fave online peeps!


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