Married Life

OK. So this isn't really a post about fitness.. <disclaimer>

My husband and I have been together for ten years. (10.5 as of yesterday actually haha)
We got married in 2013 so as far as married life goes... we're still pretty new at it

We lived with my (very generous) parents for the year before we got married and the year following while Blake went to school and now has started a job.  So, we decided to try being real grown ups and have moved out on our own .. we did live together before we got married also (without my parents) and they offered to let us move in so that Blake could try his hand at a career and so we could save for our wedding

Back to the reason for this post...

I had a terrible day at work on weds, I work several jobs and am 16 wks out from my next show ( The World Qualifier in Toronto ..aka Drug Tested Nationals )  I just saw the poster for the show on FB today actually :)

With prep right around the corner and the monetary strain and commitment.. having the day I had on weds was certainly not ideal.. Things are changing at my work and nothing I did was good or right .. and I'll just leave it at that.  No bueno.  

Also on weds, I work a dbl shift.  I have three jobs, two at dental offices and one at a local grocery store.  I mentioned  I just moved? I moved out of my hometown to a different city that's about 35 mins away from my current home.  So I have a horrible day at work, then head straight to next work to get gas, pick up some groceries, and start another shift.  I called my hubby on the way home to check in and see how his day was as I head to work because when I get home he will be asleep

Fast fwd to thurs, the day was a bit better.. not the greatest but certainly not as bad as weds.  I stayed late (not paid btw) to get some things finished because I didn't want to have that sitting over my head unfinished .. the things we do?? Regardless I was late getting home.. I stopped at the store to get some cheese because I had tuna melts on my mind (refeed day ;-) ) and I knew we had no cheese

I get back to the car to find my hubby has called.  I call back and he's wondering where I am first of all.. and he wants to hear about my day.  I had forgotten he had plans with a friend that he had told me about and he wanted to make sure I was doing alright before he met up with him

It was a small gesture.. but it meant the world to me

I said to my gf later that night.. sometimes I worry that the fights that we have etc are so stupid that we'll never make it in the long run.. why doesn't he get me? How does he not understand how much this means to me? (the list goes on) and other times he makes me feel like he's the only one who gets me. Knows when I'm happy/hurting/need a boost.. he's so supportive of all the things that I take on and asks for very little in return

to me, that's the definition of marriage.

This is my first (and hopefully, only) marriage.. and I'm still pretty new at it.. but it's certainly been worth the work.


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