Hello Hello,

Just under 5 wks out from the World Qualifier and 6 wks from the Knight of Champions :)

This update is actually about something else that I'm really excited about. 

Volunteering.  I have a few things coming over the next two wks that I'm volunteering for

1) the   Vancouver Pro/Am show 


2)   Sunfest 

This will be Vancouver's first IFBB Pro show, which is terribly exciting. The promoter Michelle Krack (who is local to abbotsford btw!) and I'm excited to see some of the local pros do their thing
I've never volunteered for this association before (the BCABBA) although I have competed.  The days are long and tedious so I'm hoping to be able to give back and take part in the excitement back stage. The only down side is my day starts with 7am check in... in Vancouver so that will be a bit rough, and then again the night @ 4pm for the night show. I'm not volunteering on sunday because I have tickets to the bikini finals (inspiration anyone?) and also exhibits .. which I'll have free range of (if there's time) on Sat

This sat is also my hubbys bday.. and I will see him for none of it! He said that he would come to finals with my as my date on sunday, then we'll cruise the exhibit and I'll take him out for something to eat afterwards.. so really hes doing something for ME on HIS bday .. I found a good one ;)

The following weekend (BC Day weekend) I'll be heading to the island for Sun Fest! It's a country music festival that's been held in Duncan BC for the past 10 or so years.  For the past 5 years its been strictly country music (no complaints here) My life long friend introduced me to the festival as her (now) in-laws host the festival.  I went to the first one about five years ago and did not volunteer but instead free-loaded and got to watch all the acts and even meet some of the singers! Which was way-cool.  They've done nothing but grow these past few years.  More responsible than Merritt seemed to be (Campground C anyone?) well run by good people and a lot of locals. They've gotten some BIG names over the years: Crystal Shewanda, Ridley Bent, Aaron Pritchett, Dierks Bentley, Lee Brice, Joe Nichols, Tim McGraw and this year Keith Urban!!

I was SO excited once they said Keith Urban had been signed to do this show, I've missed him every time he's come to Vancouver and I've heard nothing but greatness about how his shows go.

I missed the past 4 years due to softball conflict.  The first couple of years SunFest was held on a different weekend a little later in the  month, but when it got moved to the first weekend it was the same weekend as softball provincials.  So I've been missing out.

Not this year! This year I even get to give back, instead of free loading ;) I'll even earn my keep! I'm going to pack my meals for the weekend bring loooots of water and enjoy a weekend with friends and gain a new experience on the volunteer side of things

I'm arguably too excited about taking time off from a paying job in order to work for free for long periods of time.  But I'm really excited to give back to my community and gain some experience


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