2 wks out!

Well here we are... saturday night and I'm home by 9pm

I've been getting pretty tired lately.  My diet has not changed at all.. which I'm actually kind of surprised at to be honest.  This time last year my diet was much more restricted.  I was weight training 6 days a week and doing cardio every day .. minimum a half hour and make a full hour

This year.. I'm only weight training 4 x a week and cardio is 5 days... I'm allowed to do extra and I have been. My lower half is slow to progress this time around. It was last time as well to be honest but it almost got me not approved to do this show

The way my team works is 95% online feedback check ins etc online, and you have to go through the 12 wks of ON Season prep to prove that you're ready to be on stage.  Not only are you proving it with dedication to workouts and meals but also to checking in on time and being committed to your coach

However, just because you do it all right on paper does not mean you automatically will get approved.  Last year felt like a whirl wind I was hyper-focused and nothing but prep really entered my mind.  My mental state suffered and so did my relationships.  My job also suffered! I lost my job the day before my last competition... stressful much?

This time around I have been much more balanced, I've been happier and I think I've been more open minded to what I can really accomplish whilst On Season.  I was thiiis close to not getting show approval.  Strictly because things just weren't moving in a quick pace. I know my coach wanted to approve me but I want to go out there and shine not look like someone who doesn't belong, and she knows that

I did bust my hump for about three wks and managed to get things moving enough to prove that I could make it to a good place come show time.. so Yay me!

Currently doing as much extra cardio as I can handle to try to slim these hips down a bit more come stage time.  Plus, with a flight I always hear people talking of bloating or water retention and don't need that! So lots of fluids lots of movement and I also grabbed some compression shorts and socks to help with it (hopefully)

Super excited, trying not to get nervous.  There's really no point.  It slows my progress down my body stops responding .. and well stress isn't fun?

That's the whole reason I'm doing this isnt it? I've already won I get to compete in a National show! I'm flying from home and taking time off work / life to compete in a body building competition

How cool is that? I think it's pretty awesome personally. I have trophies and stories and photos to show my kids later on in life (when I have them anyways) and get to tell them about the cool shit that I did before I was all PTA meetings and soccer games

It may only be one chapter in my life.  This show isn't going to make or break how the rest of my life goes so I might as well bust my ass for the time that I get to do it and enjoy the shit out of while I do it!

That's all for now, will hopefully post again before the show and updates there after :)


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