12 weeks out Update

Well, 12 wks out from the BC Cup AKA Tested Provincials.

I've been going through some minor diet changes and upped the cardio
Now, I do one more HIIT session than last month and one more Interval session so things are starting to tighten up. I was previously eating what I felt... was LOTS of food! It was actually hard to get it all in at times, and I would under eat. That's not consistant with my goals, for maintenance or for prep

So I've lost about 3 pounds so far since starting my prep 4 wks ago. I opted to do a 16 week prep this time vs the traditional 12 wk one. So far really happy with my decision:)  working on posing and being more mindful about what food choices I'm making is good process to start when it comes to prep

I'm by no means restricted at this point. There will come a time for that but at this point my diet is still 'wide open' just the portions for the day are smaller. It's super easy to get my protein in for the day now (that shit gets expensive) and my veggies are UP and my fats are UP ... personally I prefer a lower carb higher fat diet just because I love fats haha but carbs def have their purpose too!

I've been trying to stop leaning on protein powder so much, it tastes so good though and I'm a fiend for sweets. I've recently made the  mistake of buying whey isolate protein powder and it gives me gas and bloating.. who doesn't love a distended stomach am i right? I have a lactose sensitivity and since I bought the big tub I dont want it to go to waste. So I bought some lactase to help, and so far it has been but I'd rather find what doesnt bloat me instead... oh woes

I've noticed a bit of excess around my lower abdomin. Anyone who knows me IRL knows that I'm my smallest in my mid section and everything else looks average (I dont get ripped legs or arms in prep... and I'm always searching for that new vein or muscle pop) so having this area take  little longer to tighten up has been something I'm watching haha. It'll be the first thing for an obvious change when I'm on prep

It's also where I wear a lot of my insecurities. When it comes to having babies etc and you see so many people talk how they 'were so thin' and then had a baby and their bodies went to the way side... I dont have super ripped limbs so I get worried about what my stomach etc will look like.. Reality? it doesnt matter, no one other than me actually cares but its hard to change a mindset

Here's some progress of me at 12 wks out.. flexed & unflexed 


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