1 week out

Well someone has been lazy updating!

There have been so many times I think of a good topic to touch on in this blog and then get to doing something else and it leaves and I don't feel inspired enough to write and then this happens..

My apologies.

I was approved for my show!! the BC Cup, aka tested provincials is a tier TWO show and gets you a qualification to the world qualifier which will be in New Bruinswick this year on June 25

Top 5 will move on. Will I go this year? No. It's too much money at this point. I've always wanted to explore more of eastern Canada and this is an opportune time to do so yes but the expenses to do another peak week, more weeks on season. Another tan, make up and hair application not to mention the flight and hotel and food pick up.. oh and the time off of three jobs... that old thing haha

So this year I'm only doing ONE show.. weird right? Since I've started competing I've always done more than one show. My first season I did three! Last year was two. The world qualifier in Toronto and the Knight of Champions (not drug tested) in Surrey BC

I was tempted to do another association which had a show a few wks ago but I ended up not doing it. I'm really happy that I've only decided to do the one show. It has a give it all you've got because its almost over vibe to it.

16 wks has proven to be a long prep for me. I'm really happy that I decided to do it and give myself that much  more time to make the tweaks necessary for stage. But in the same breath 16 wks is a long time to be focused on training. I'm always training and eating according to my goals anyways but this is a bit different. It can be mentally and physically draining. Especially in the end

So here we are. One week out. I've got a new suit that I've rented that I'm really excited about. Bringing old faithful again obviously since the last suit I rented wasn't approved for show, and I don't need that kind of stress the night before my show!

I've got a totally different mind set this time around. I've really been focused on positive thoughts/affirmations throughout this prep. With my 30th bday right around the corner (6 days post show exactly) my resolution this year was self relfection. I've been working through a few self help / self betterment books to help with this mindset as well

The biggest change for my this time around is I'm kind of excited to meet the other girls competing. I watched the Kelowna show and I'm hoping to meet some of those girls backstage. Looking forward to positive vibes and maybe making a friend or two even! What? bikini girls aren't catty? well, this one isnt haha but I def have a very strong resting bitch face, and come show time I'm pretty focused on me. Going to make a personal goal to enjoy the day and to reach out to someone to congratulate them on competing.

I've got my usual suspects coming, my husband and my fit bestie are both coming to the morning and night show :) My sister has to work and she's already committed to coming to my bday weekend the following week. She's hoping to come out for evening and possible treats afterwards :)

This is a very local show, in New West. We'll see if any other friends partake. I stopped taking it personally a long time ago when friends say that they're interested in coming (I bet they honestly are) but in reality don't look into getting tickets etc and in the end don't come. This day is about me and my hard work. But its also about everyone else who put in the work. It's also about those who have to deal with my for my 16 wk prep (see my recent IG post haha) and thank yous are def in order!

Any prep has good a bad sides. Mood swings and low carb days are common things you hear about and they are true! My husband is a saint and I'm thankful that he has the patience that he has to deal with me. I tend to take on too much on a good day let alone a day that doesn't have any starchy carbs added to it

My very supportive girlfriend will be in the crowd as well. We prepped for our first shows together and shes def heard the ups and downs and gone through them all herself. Competing in a subjective sport can be really mentally damaging. I'm normally a fairly upbeat person but I can certainly be my own worst critic and be insecure just like anyone else and she's been the best sounding board for that

My sister of course is always a strong point in my life not just my competitive life. She's always got my back even when I'm being ridiculous haha

Well this is starting to ramble on so I'll try to update again this week as peak week continues! At least there will be an update after the show

The following week we'll be heading down to Astoria Oregon for my 30th bday trip and am I ever excited! More on that to come



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