Saturday Night Insomnia

Two weeks post show. Worked today and haven't had enough sleep all week. Did some extra cardio today and did not go for the hike I had planned strictly due to the rain and feeling cold

Did adult things, went grocery shopping came home and prepped some food. Made some bison chilli and I"m excited to see how it turns out. I've never had bison meat before, which is strange because I'm first nations (Metis) and it's a super common cuisine in the native culture. It's also first nations day next week so it felt fitting haha

I just had my 30th bday and I went to Oregon last weekend with my hubby my sister and two more sisters. It was too much fun. Honestly, I feel like we can't go back because we couldn't recreate how that went down haha. I had a good time obvs. Had some really nice weather got to see almost everything I had wanted to and had some fish and chips at Cannon Beach! Dreams come true haha I had halibut fish and chips and some of my sisters popcorn shrimp.. i die 

We went through Portland and into Newport. Saw some light houses lots of starbucks and I totally snagged some fit chick stuff. Found some sugar free pancake syrup at the safeway. There was butter flavor and maple flavor. Couldn't decide. Bought both. Also went to target and hit up the pop tart aisle and bought some hot fudge sundae poptarts... they were only alright (sorry) I did also find S'moreos! what is that? Well its an oreo.. but graham cracker cookie and you know the rest to make smores... I brought them home haven't tried them yet.. but that time will come

SO into the reverse diet obvs! I had a "free day" after my show and had a tonne of different things. The things that stand out the most is the cupcakes that I ordered from sugar addicts cupcakes :

Local (Surrey, BC) online bakery that I ordered 12 gluten free cupcakes from. She let me be super picky for what I wanted (which isnt traditionally the case when you only order 12) but she was super great, flexible with time for pick up catered to my low carb rants and was great about payment. I opted to do an email transfer ahead of time because I dont like the idea of having the chance to forget cash etc 

they were DELISH! and I ate too many.. i def shared a lot but that much sugar always gets me
Had another free meal in Oregon .. one on sat and one on sunday. Wanted to do ice cream in Newport near NYE beach but we weren't done dinner in time so we missed it!! the only let down of the entire weekend, if you want to call it that. More than made up for it with some hot chocolate and cookies while we watched the sunset on NYE beach 

Back to business... I have not been sleeping well at all. I keep staying up way too late, eventhough I'm tired I stay on my phone or computer (like right now?) and continue to be stimulated eventhough I know that I need to REST and also to get up in the morning! I feel like I'm starting to come down with something and some sleep would be ideal. Sunday is  my only day to sleep in and now that I'm up till ..2am it wont be restful no matter how late i sleep in... adult fail 

Tonight I prepped my chilli, made some low carb pancakes or 'fat cakes' for tomorrow. It's another FREE meal for me tomorrow and we're having a family BBQ for my bday :) and also fathers day! My grandparents will also be there because it's my grand fathers bday next friday (june 24) where he will be 93 years old! so lot's to celebrate :) 

I made some cupcakes for this event. I went through superstore the other day to pick up some things I actually needed and several things I did not. I can touch on that later. I did grab more betty crocker cake mixes because they were on sale. I picked up a chocolate brownie mix and a rainbow box, because who doesn't like vanilla/rainbow? Well apparently I think that way every time I've purchased because I now own three boxes!! So I made one of them tonight. I added almond milk instead of regular milk, partially because I dont own regular milk and I have a lactose sensitivity. Normally I would put stevia in it but no one else uses that in regular life haha and tend to not like the taste so instead I added coconut oil and vanilla extract. I also added fresh raspberries inside the batter. My mom prefers just regular cake so I made several plain and boring. I did 24 cupcakes altogether. 6 plain, 6 with raspberries, 6 with jam and 6 with raspberries and jam. Whipped vanilla frosting and some skor bits on top with a light dusting of pumpkin pie spice. Topped with a single raspberry ... you could say I'm looking fwd to trying them tmrw :) 

I did not have one tonight, and although i did lick my finger when I got frosting on it that's where it stopped. I realised a long time ago that a taste quickly turns into an extra meal which quickly turns into extra  pounds


Not at all interested in gaining reckless wait this off season. I do not know when / if I will compete again in the future and I want to look fit/healthy etc on a regular basis not just for show time.

I weighed in 137 on show day. My highest to date and I want to stay between 135-140 on my regular. I like how I look in this range and when it's summer time why not look good in your bikini? 

Ok well I've ranted on for a while.. here's some pics of my awesome cupcakes! I'll hopefully have an update from my show and shots of Oregon as well

Happy saturday / Happy Fathers day :) 


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