I've been MIA.. Partially because I think of all these posts I want to make when I'm not near a computer and when I finally DO get the time to share some stuff I don't have the same momentum. I also have recently had my computer die! (sorrow) so it's currently under the care of the GEEK squad at Best Buy awaiting to see if it can be fixed at all. So this post comes live from my work computer (yes I'm signed out for the day)

Update.. three months post  BC Cup Test Provincials.. and up 3 pounds from my stage weight. Things have changed quite drastically diet wise for me. My coach introduced a different way of tracking food than I was previously doing. I still count my starchy carbs (SC) healthy fats (HF) proteins fruits dairy etc but now I can also have more  processed stuff..

What does that mean? Well, previously I was considered solely a "clean eater" so I generally made all the foods that I ate myself and generally also ate at home... so now if I REALLY want those oreos or poptarts, random slice of bread, ice cream anyone? haha I can "make it fit" by using up SC for calories. I wont bore you with the details but its been very free ing to be able to eat essentially whatever I want and not worry about derailing my diet or progress. It's certainly been fun to play around with what do I want to eat? I've tried diff protein bars (rebel I know) I've been into fibre one bars lately and put them in chunks on top of either regular ice cream or protein ice cream.. and I feel much more flexible in simply trying something that someone else has.. the other day I was at a bday party and I still do free or untracked meals (yes on TOP of having the processed foods) and tried a bite of bday cake.. literally a bite.. decided yes it was good but not good 'enough' for me to use my untracked meal on it and passed. I never would have done that before.. I would have seen or tasted something sweet had it and then felt like I needed to also eat something (or everything) else to make up for the not so perfect treat I'd already had...

what a relationship. I still feel very food conscious. I don't think that will ever go away now that I am aware of it but, I certainly don't feel a prisoner to my diet.

I'm also no longer on a contest prep diet so I'm not as strict anymore. I'm more focused on fuelling my workouts, relaxing with friends and trying out new things

I recently went to my very first Sikh wedding. I also got to partake in the celebrations with the brides family the week leading up to the actual ceremony. It was really cool! I tried indian cuisine for the first time and also got some henna done. Another coworker lent me some clothes so that I would fit in haha. It was a great time. I was supposed to be lower carb on the days that I went to the brides parties but I figured.. when am I ever going to another Sihk wedding? I'm 30 yrs old and this is my first. It's time to try a few things -- and I did! and do I regret it? NO. I weighed in with my coach today and like I said I'm THREE pounds higher than stage...

I'm doing good.

I also went to see the Book of Mormon in Vancouver recently and am SO glad that I did! It was everything people said it would be. I'll have to write a separate post on that alone I had such a good time.

I've also just booked a trip to Cuba! Varadero specifically for November :) Kind of a post wedding honeymoon. postponed by three years! My sister and her bf are also going and it will be my sisters first all inclusive vacation. Very excited

Well, I should go home instead of hanging out a work on a nice day when I don't need to haha Plus the Blue Jays play tonight so I'd best hit the couch to watch that ;)



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