thursday musings

Well, an update and it didn't take two months!

I've been hitting the gym daily even with snow-maggedon 2017 going down in the Fraser Valley. Thankfully where I live now it's a short trip to the gym and it doesn't make me lose my hair to make the short trip to the gym :) So the gains are still being made fam!

I also did the adult thing and bought snowies this year (previously stated) and they're awesome. Really glad that I didn't get them changed back when we had our last blast of warm weather 9degrees in January is warm ok!

So, today we hit the gym for a lower body day and some cardio. Things have been going well for training. I'm still making progress in my lifts, they're challenging but not so hard that I dread to do it .. which is always a good thing! My cardio workouts have gone up in intensity as well.. mostly in length

I've been going to spin class once a week right now, cardio 3-4 times a week on top of that with one day dedicated to swimming! Last week I did 12 laps (600M) and it was great, I was so beat afterwards. Swimming has proven to be the hardest/most gruelling part of the triathlon training. I've gotten the goggles and swim cap and yesterday I purchased ear plugs and a nose plug to try out and see how I like that. So far the nose plug just hurts ( I have a nose ring) but I'll play around with it

All in all I'm excited for the months to come. Hoping to see some weight movement. I've been holding steady at 147 for what seems like forever. I'd like to drop about 5 pounds for a short term goal and closer to ten for long term goal. I feel like I still look pretty good at this point so the rest is just gravy. I'm not doing any extra cardio ... mainly because I'm kind of at a max anyways so there's no real room for more. I'm not restricting anything, I'm not on prep and I'm not willing to give up things in order to drop a few pounds. I'd rather do it in a slower fashion and have it be something more attainable and not really a 'diet'

That being said, will losing weight make me better at my job? Will I be healthier a few lbs lower? Will my spouse love me more at a lower BF? Could I win 250,000 if I lose more ? .. maybe haha

I joined 250K challenge and it's been fun filling out the info for each weeks challenge, I'm going to the gym and watching my foods anyways so hey, if I can win something bonus right?

PS -- the answer to all those other questions is NO. I'm still a good person, that's all outside stuff gotta work on that inside stuff

that's all for now, hope you're all well and good! and safe from the weather!

Xo  -- Jess


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