Tuesday, May 9, 2017

4 weeks out

less than one month till tri time!

I've been swim training once weekly in the pool doing 1000M each time (20 laps)
Each lap is 50 M total (for there and back). Yesterday I implemented "sprint swimming"
25M all out 25M recovery /slower and then the remainder of the min to calm down ... usually about 40 seconds

first 10 laps are for pace and the second 10 laps are the sprint/recover laps

I also got outside sat and sunday in the sunny sunshine to get some road bike action
I had a baseball game on sunday and we WON! Our first win this season, it feels good
**Season just started, it was our third game
This week I'm going to see the massage therapist (yay) and do my first open water / lake swim with my gf.  I'm signed up for the triathlon (sprint) and accommodations are booked! Its coming closer!

I'm weight training four times  a week right now, and on those days I do a conditioning workout.. aka a version of hiit style cardio. On the OFF days I implement my tri training .. swim/bike/run
Sometimes I like to just do a random cardio machine, because its nice to change things up and still get a sweat. Right now my main focus is primarily of the three triathlon disciplines.

Wish me luck! Hoping to post pictures of the race once it's all finished

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