2 wks till Tri time

*Back dated post

so ...my SPRINT triathlon is this weekend.. I have to get through tmrw at work then the extended drive and then the big race day! There's a level of stress that's rising.. I haven't gotten better. I'm also not worse either. I am nervous about the swimming 

I went swimming again with my gf on sunday and it was hard. not as bad as it was the first time but I still had a really hard time. I think part of it has to do with being sick but the other part is in my head. I have some anxiety about open water and not being able to see everything like you can in the pool. I'm going to go swimming in the pool tonight to just settle my nerves and otherwise I've been taking it really easy. I still did weight training on mon and tues even though I was pretty tired on tues. I did a brick workout on tues also where I biked 19 km and then ran for 3 km so that was good because I felt really good afterwards. 

Tonights goal is just to be in the water and practice calming the F*ck down so that I can prepare for race day

repeat repeat repeat

I'm doing this race for ME
I'm in competition with NO ONE
I have loving friends & family watching in SUPPORT

A friend of mine is also racing, she's done one sprint prior and shes super supportive. She's also a stronger all around athlete than me and I do NOT need to be in competition with her! It doesn't matter what time she gets or what time I get we're doing this for fun.. or at least I am haha 

She's so great, and when I mentioned to Blake that shes going to be finished before me I meant it as a statement of facts I wasn't looking to be comforted but he did all the loving husband things and reassured me that I'm still good too.

I am still good too! her abilities don't change that. 

repeat repeat repeat

I'll let ya'll know how it goes
Wish me luck


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