2018 fitness goals

Considering this blog is " diary of a fit girl" fitness resolutions seem appropriate

So, for 2018 here are some of the goals I'm currently working towards

- the run for water, abbotsford bc (may)
- WCOC half ironman,  oliver bc (june)
- hiking a volcano, mt st hellens Washington (oct)

So ...some big shit
I have bought a bike! It' a 2012 Norco I got it second hand (TY Pinkbike. Com) & when the weather was a little friendlier I went out for some road rides.  Unfortunately it has been snowing quite a bit recently and I'm not into riding in the snow haha I have been going to spin classes spending some time indoors on the bikes and attending a running group. There is a lovely (free) group of ladies that meets in the tri cities on tues nights and it's nice to commit to the training be outside and have some other people for safety. I even ran in the snow last week
I've got my sights set on the run for water next May.  I've done one half marathon before and was wanting to do another
It is one week prior to the half iron man and I'm hoping to use it as a pace run for the following weekend. My gf has already signed up so it's a go!
I have not signed up for the half iron man yet but I do have the time off and a place to stay
Wish me luck friends!  Ill keep you updated how things progress


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