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Hooray!  My very own blog.. what an adult

I've been thinking of starting a blog for a little while, and to be honest, have always been too busy.. I thrive on being busy I think .. I currently work three jobs, play for a competitive softball team, spare on a slow pitch team, spend time with friends, commit to weekends away, fundraisers etc never miss a family gathering (if I can help it) and am currently training for my first bikini competition!

So the title of my blog says diary of a fit girl... I think I should start there...
My hubby and I are both avid gym goers... he more than me.. about 8 years ago when we were still just dating he convinced me to try and come to the gym with him .. since I wasnt a gym goer at all at the time

Well I started going with him, and I suppose that natural high got me hooked because before long I got over the dreaded "I can't go to the gym alone! .. I'll be alone!" and then started going with girlfriends etc so that we could all push each other... try out new classes .. it became a social thing on top of making me feel good

Now I've never been over-weight of even felt overly self conscious about my figure.. don't get me wrong, I think everyone out there looks in the mirror and sees things that they wish they could change .. but I was the kid in grade 7 being made fun of for being too skinny.. so there was that

In 2011 my hubby showed me a youtube video called "I want to look like that guy" by Stuart Macdonald and it inspired me to want people to look at me .. and want to look like that girl

So I called up my two besties and told them what I wanted to achieve.. we looked up workouts on decided that fat loss was where to start and off we were! for 12 wks we met up three times a week, followed the workouts, took progress pictures and did see a change! it was awesome.. but it was still no where near where I wanted to get my body to

Needless to say what I truly needed was a trainer to help me get to where I wanted to go.. but having the mentality that trainers were too expensive and therefore unattainable we stuck with free online ;)

After that first year of workouts I was hooked.. I started going to the gym 5-6 times a week and had lots of energy and was overall just happy to be healthy

These same two gfs ended up talking me into joining a running group to run our first 10 km (the Vancouver Sun Run) .. Never one to call myself a runner I reluctantly agreed (the group was 100$!) but we did it together, ran three times a week and had a great time, the group was great because they showed us how to run safely (shuffling) to avoid injuries & strains and it sparked a passion for running

A year after that the three of us ran our first half marathon (the BMO May 2013) and it was awseome, I'm hoping to do another run this Sept in Kelowna with my hubby for our one year anniversary...

Training for the half was a new can of worms, it took a lot more dedication (22km worth!) had to run in not so fun weather (snow, ice, rain, hot sun, muggy) but I learned to really love running.. now I look fwd to when the weather is bearable enough to run outside! It's a great way to sneak in some ME time, some cardio and some fresh air

During the half marathon training I also did a lot of the runs on my own, and found I actually push myself more when I'm by myself vs keeping it casual and conversational while I run with friends

Regardless, fast fwd to 2014.. I ran my half marathon in 2013, I got married in 2013 and after that I was at a loss fitness wise for what to strive for...
I had seen other compete before and thought, I could do that! how hard could it possibly be? I started attending the local shows (the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic & the Krack Classic) I started looking into different trainers locally and online .. I talked to a few gfs who I knew shared a similar passion to mine when it came to the adventure of competing

I ended up signing up with team Blessed Bodies, based out of Vancouver BC with head coach Fatima Leite Kusche at the recommendation of my gf who was already a client of hers
When I checked out her site I was happy with the things that I was seeing, so I dropped her an email and asked to apply to be a bikini athlete ... one of the support staff/coaches got back to me within 24 hrs!! (Other trainers that I had msgd were certainly not as apt to return my emails) plus something that really drew me to her program was the mantra : 365 physique .. I wanted something attainable.. I didnt want a fad diet that would drive me crazy like the things I see people posting on social media about ie: tilapia and asparagus now I can't say that there arent athletes out there that need to eat those things in order to get to a certain BF etc but Im so glad it's not me haha
Plus Fatima also has a mandatory post prep diet 'rebound plan' so that you don't in fact. rebound.. a super popular thing post show is to gain a bunch of weight and do a lot of damage to your body.. not into that either 

So that's where I'm at... 2014 the year that I finally put on my big girl panties (or smallest pair of bikini bottoms I ever did own) and hop on that stage! I'm currently 12 days out from my first bikini competition the BC Classic NPAA in Richmond .. stay tuned!


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