Peak Week!

well here it is! PEAK WEEK is upon us

As of Jan 1 I had officially started my training with team Blessed Bodies, so Jan 1 was the last day that I've eaten any 'treats' ... I had cheese cake, I had pie, I had mashed potatoes etc my grandmother hosts a New Years Day dinner (at 1pm) and I fully enjoyed it!

Now I was never a big drinker before but I certainly had a few bevies the night before knowing full well that any and all alcohol would be off limits until further notice

With my training there is 3-4 months of 'contest prep - On Season' which involves weekly check ins with my coach with pictures, measurements and videos on top of the monthly check in of the same (minus the videos) after a certain amount of time (up to as close as 4wks prior to your show) you find out if you have been 'approved' to do your show or not, approved means that your coach believes that you're on the right track, can stay on track and can be successful in getting to the stage (very exciting)

I got approved at 6 weeks out, I was pretty stoked

Once you're approved all the 'fun starts' .. buying your custom bikini (theyre expensive! adn very small..and you cant get them wet!) then theres the booking of make up, hair, posing, fittings, the shows, photoshoots (not necessary but hey you're going to look pretty smoking.. might want to commemorate that eh?) and of course that famous fake tan

These costs certainly add up quickly! Anyone thinking of competing, def need to consider all the aspects of competing since it can rack up really quickly

One the Best part of contest prep (with my Coach at least)? before you sign on for prep you have to agree to doing one month of 'reverse prep' I was in love with this idea... I've seen a lot of people online talk about that rebound diet, and how they do insane damage to their bodies and their metabolism and I certainly wasnt interested in that! Thats the beauty of the 365 lifestyle that my Coach promotes

so back to peak week, I've (obvs) never had one before so it's pretty intense! I'm very lucky in the sense that my Coach really pays attention to what I've been eating and clearly am enjoying on a regular basis (I track all my food and send it to my coach weekly in my check-ins) she's taken things from my diet list and created a very specific diet for the next 6 days.. specific rules on water and when why where and how .. seriously how does she do all of this for everyone on our team? Super woman status

My cardio has been kicked up another notch and going back to work on weds (for a dbl shift.. boo) and just focusing on getting my workouts in and having some fun while I do it.. it's almost over! Hard to believe how 4 months could go so quickly!

I'll check in again after my show is over and maybe post some pics :)

Good luck to all of those out there with dreams of competing or those who have a competition in their near future


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