5 Non - Fitness Facts about Me

So I was tagged in the post going around on instagram (follow me: @xjust_jess) 

so I thought it would be nice to share the info here on my blog... eventhough the tag is diary of a fit girl... there are other things to know about me as well :) 

Five non-fitness things about me as tagged by@_amandalei ..took a while to think of this ha i dont consider my ig/fb etc a "fitness account" but u realise just how much of your life revolves around your habits when someone asks u what else u do haha so here goes:

1 - I've been with my hubby @bcrome84 for ten years, we got married in 2013 (where the pic above is from )
2 - my sister and i are really close, she's the reason i met my hubby in the first place & has always been super supportive of our relationship & all my choices in life ♡
3 - I work a lot, i have three jobs. I'm a certified dental assistant and work in a specialist office & GP office ..i also work at superstore and have for 13 yrs
4 - I'm left handed ..although u wouldn't know it .. i play all sports right handed and assist right handed as well
5 - eventhough ive got solid resting bitch face I'm actually not that bad... i like to think friendly at times even haha i do spend an awful lot of time at the gym and rarely speak to anybody but i do make an effort to be pleasant in any situation ..sometimes u just need to talk to me first ;-)

Back on the fitness side of things... I've signed up to do a photo shoot with my fitness team at the end of March (28) with a photographer in Vancouver .. very exciting!

I had the option of going on a smaller prep or photoshoot prep and I went back and forth on what to do.. Since I want to compete at nationals this august and I need to prove to my coach that I can maintain a healthy off-season in order to be approved for ON season and I felt that if I did the prep it would almost be cheating my way there...

Well, I went for it.. I'm about 2 wks into my photo prep diet and things are going well :) It's certainly not the most restricted diet I've ever been on.. although it's def different than my day to day but I still get cheats right now :) :) happy girl

My coach as also changed up my cardio! I was doing 5 sessions of 30 mins mostly steady state cardio and, when I was up for it, extra. I managed to find time to do extra most weeks

NOW I'm doing 10 mins of HIIT cardio.. hoo mama do I ever get sweaty in that short period of time! I'm still allowed to do extra cardio if I want and have so far made time for it.. but I'm happy that it's my choice since things are starting to get a bit busy in my life so it's not always an option

Another good thing is my ball season is still going to happen :) I thought for sure that since a few of the girls are preggo's this year that there would be no chance for a team.. well the rest of the girls have stepped up and still want to play :) but, the level of commitment is limited (always has been) and we'll be going back down to house ball.. which I think will be a good fit for a team that's a bit short handed this year

This also means that I'll be a bit busier for the first bit of my prep.. but everything finishes by the first weekend of August so I'll be able to focus all my energy on prep for the final 4 wks :)

Upward and Onward... just a quick update... for anyone who actually reads this ;)

My thanks to you :)

-xo Jess


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