Vancouver Sun Run

So today I signed up for the Sun Run

Running is what got me into trying to push myself in fitness.  I had first started going to the gym at the advise of my (now) husband about 8 years ago.. .eventually I got bold enough to go by myself even! Which I'm sure many women can attest to.. is not an easy feat when you feel out of place with all the 'gym rats' in the gyms

I used to wear sweat pants multiple shirts/hoodies at the gym.. (ps I've never been over weight or anything just always comfortable in more clothes vs less) and now I'm all about that cute gym outfit..

Don't get me wrong, I'm anything but girly .. when I get done up for being on stage that is the MOST amount of prep I've ever gone through for ANY event haha

So, a few girlfriends and I start going to the gym together (always easier to be held accountable with a buddy) and one of the ladies says that we should do a ten km race! (the Sun Run) I'm not a runner, so when she suggests that we sign up for the Sun Run camp training.. I say yes!

We get together three days a week (one day with a group) and train :) it was neat to see the progress and fun to get out with friends in the fresh air.. one of my favorite things

We did that Sun Run, the one next year and after that we decided that hey... why not train for a half marathon?? (22km) so we did that too! Joined another running group, ran three times a week: hill runs, long runs, sprint training, cross training .. it was awesome! Tiring, exciting, fatiguing, raining! but in the end I was so so so glad that I had gone through with it.. race day came and we did great, wasn't tired, no pain no injuries and  i was happy with my time (2.5 hrs)

So fast fwd, after that I wanted my next big goal... which is where joining Team Blesed Bodies and competing in Fitness Competitions has come into play and where my current grind lives

I still play Womens softball (that is starting soon!) and I'm going to spare in slow pitch again this year
I'm currently on the grind to do a fitness photoshoot with my team (excitement) that will take place march 28 and so far thats also going well ... I even get cheat  meals still!!

I've also signed up for the Sun Run again :) Now this time around the girl who started it all is expecting, and its kinda uncomfortable to run that far this far along in her pregnancy so she will not be joining this time.  But some of the girls from my dental office sound interested (in walking mind you) and my other runner gf has agreed to sign up with me :)

So after the photoshoot I'm going to be incorporating more runs into my weekly workouts :) Hoping to get under an hour for my 10km this time!

It's fun to set in between goals while you have a focus for something so big

Going to start this beautiful sunny Saturday with a jog outside :)

Grind on!



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