As I wrote before I've been listening to a lot of podcasts while I workout, or while I have a long drive etc

I recently was recommended the Valentines day special (2 parts) pod cast by Jess C Lively of "The Jess Lively show" about pleasure.

I really enjoyed it, and I think you might too. No, it's not about strictly sexual pleasure as the title might lead you to believe. It does touch on that but it's more about what brings you pleasure

It got me to thinking. What brings me pleasure? Well, on friday nights I usually spend it alone and quietly. I work most saturdays and friday is just another workday. So, on friday night after work I go to the gym and it's usually a cardio day. I pick a podcast pick a machine (or two) and grind out my 30+ mins

After I'm done that part, I do some stretches and then I sit in the infra- red sauna for another 30 mins. There I"ll either continue another podcast or I'll read a book. I have finished You're a Badass and started reading the Secret. I found that the Secret has lot's of great little things but requires more effort than I have to give right now. I may read it as a proof read and then do the exercises on the second time through. I also recently purchased Money Talks by Gail Vaz Oxlade and it's certainly peaked my interest

Back on topic...

After I sweat it out in the sauna I come home and have a meal. I also have a shower! (gross) Right now I've been coming home and practicing posing for my next show. Transitions, different angles, walking in my heels. I'm currently 14 wks out from my next show: the BCABBA BC Cup in June

Trying to think about what brings me pleasure. What shirt makes me feel pleasure, what socks bring me pleasure. What tv shows do I enjoy. What foods do I just LOVE to eat or look fwd to ?
There's no right or wrong, no good or bad here.. but what brings a smile to my face or a flutter in my stomach thats just sitting in my everyday?

Gravitate towards that. I suggest listening to the pod cast or reading the blogs

Tonight my husband and I went to Vancouver to celebrate some of my in laws bdays (there's three next week!) and enjoyed the pleasure of each others company

I encourage you to find your pleasure. Be surprised in how many little things in your day really bring you joy


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