Pod Casts

New to the Pod Cast scene. My husband has been an avid listener to the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) and told many a friend that they should also tune in.

Whenever we go on a longer drive or a road trip of any kind we put one on, since we cannot agree on any type of music haha

SO I have an older phone, that is now basically my computer like music device haha
I downloaded pod cast addict and started tuning in!

So far I've listened to JRE and Layne Nortons channels. Of course I've found some stuff about fitness and health and since I'm at the gym all the time anyways I figure why not expand my mind while I try to grow some shoulders! (and glutes, lets get real... I'm a bikini girl haha)

Previously I would just stream the radio on my ipod but I wanted something a bit different. The harder part is the fact that most of these pod casts are over an hour.. and my workouts generally are not. but it's given me something new to look fwd to at the gym

If anyone out there in internet land has a favourite channel or specific podcast please feel free to comment below!

I also

In a completely unrelated note, please got VOTE for me to be on the cover of status fitness magazine :) VERY excited to see that my phote was shared as one of the possible contestants from a photoshoot that I did in Vancouver with Ali Sohrab of BAM studios 


happy friday!


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