Canada Day Camping

Had three days off last weekend and used it to go camping!

Went to Malawka BC (between Sicamous and Revelstoke) which is approx 5 hrs from where we live in the Fraser Valley. We (my husband and I) went with my sisters boyfriend and a bunch of his friends.
We also went camping with most of this crowd last year a little closer to home and just for an overnight. This time we made the trek and it was nice

We did all the regular stops. Starbucks obvs  haha. Trying to get my hubby into starbucks more so he can be as basic as I am but he goes back and fourth still. I went to the gym first thing that morning so that I didn't have to sacrifice missing any weight training or cardio for the sake of a long weekend. The gym didn't open until 7am though! Damn holidays

We got on the road around 1030 am and got to the campsite around 430. Considering it was a long weekend the traffic wasn't so bad once we got out of the lower mainland.

SO back to camping, weather turned out alright. Even sunny for periods! We got a hike in, we did eagle mtn pass. We stayed at crazy creeks resort and the hike was "across the street" approx 13.5km up a logging trail. Which took us 45 mins to drive up in a 4x4 .. yikes

Friday we got settled in made some dinner and hung out with the peeps. Saturday was for hanging out, went to town to grab things that we forgot (frying pan? don't need one of those camping apparently) and grabbed some booze because one case of beer clearly wasn't enough. Worked for me because I got an almond milk latte out of it haha. Saturday included our hike up Eagle Mtn Pass. The official hike across from the 'resort' that we stayed at. It offered some really great views. We made it to the first peak and took a break then opted to not try to make it to the summit. Too bad, I am willing to bet money that I will never do that hike again haha. Saturday night was for treats and some drinks! I finally had my smoreos (they were good but not the best things I've ever had) some broccoli salad and turkey hot dogs! they were delish! Hot dogs on the campfire are what makes camping IMO

Sunday we made the trek back home brought my sisters bf home with us and then stayed the evening with them and had dinner together. Traffic wasnt the absolute worst but we didnt go home until that night since we knew it was going to be congested.

Here's some pics from our hike!


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