My body is not a topic of conversation

I read a blog recently that got me thinking ...

It talks about the pressures that women face on their body image. Something that I certainly have some experience with. I have not had a child but I have certainly had my share of comments about how I look.

Now, I'm a sensitive soul and after I did my shows there were plenty of comments about following a show diet during and after the season had ended. I struggled with body acceptance and had trouble with binges over eating and peoples comments. Whether coming out of jest or out of some actual cruelty didn't really matter to me.

If I ate a salad... I thought you didn't have to eat like that anymore?
If I ate a cupcake ... is that part of your body building diet? 

Life is what you make of it. How you interpret things and how you accept things is solely up to you. I took both of those types of comments more personal than I should have.
 The reason? I felt judged. I was also judging myself. 

I have since learned a little more lenience with myself and to stick up for myself once in a while when some one (joking or not) decides they have the right to talk about my life and my diet. Do I get a little harsh at times? I've been told yes. Am I too quick to defend myself maybe in times that don't need defending? It's entirely possible. But, I'm making progress and that's all you can really ask for

Back to the post.. it's about post partum bodies. The pressures that women face on the daily are bad enough as it is. You're not good looking, you're not pretty, you're not "worth it" unless you fit a certain mold.

It doesn't appear to get any easier as a parent. You're expected to be like J.Lo and have an even better body than you did pre-pregnancy! Social media doesn't help either. With the hot mom and #fitmom hashtags of these women that look absolutely insane (good on you!) with a small child at home. If you don't have a six pack but you're child(ren) lived through the day... why can't that be seen as a win?

Why do women have to be supermom. Have a six pack, flawless hair and make up for PTA pick up. Make their kids lunches, do the extra curricular and Pinterest projects and have a happy marriage.

Don't get me started on the judgement that plagues young mothers. I do not have children. I don't know if I'm ready for that type of commitment. I don't know if I'm mentally strong enough to deal with so many others' opinions on every aspect of my life and now my childs life.

Breast feeding vs bottle feeding, co sleeping vs crib. Different foods sleeping patterns, do you go on vacation, do you stay home, do you have PPD do you seek out help from friends/family

The list goes on.. and that's just the people you actually see and talk to! There's tonnes of forums and groups online that just lay it all out there in a judgement train

I'm sincerely hoping that there are also those groups that support each other no matter how ugly things get. I know I've got some great people in my circle that would be there 'no matter what' but is that enough to take the plunge??

Like I've said. I do not have children. I think I will have a baby at some point in my life, but I do not know when. This article just got me to thinking

Moral of the story. Do something for YOU only. Wheither its in the fitness aspect of things, a new job, a new relationship or having a baby. It can't be for anyone else. Believe in yourself and believe that you'll get through it and its OK to 'fail"

Friday night vibes ;)
Happy weekend


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