Thursday, October 6, 2016


Well well.. October

Where did this year go? some fun here and there..

Those who know me... know I work a lot. I've made an effort to take more time off to do some fun things this year. I've really enjoyed that! I always say that I wont work three jobs forever. I truly believe that. BUT I don't know which job I would give up. I like them all for their own reasons. So for now.. I'll stay at all of them and complain that I don't have enough time for anything extra haha

Glorify being busy? Perhaps. haha

Diet these days is going well. I've been testing out this whole.. does it fit situation and its been fun. Had some bloating going on and obviously a work in progress haha. Open to eating all the things which is fun. Having some binge like moments having some under eating type moments and had some real enjoyment and savory moments .. so really its an overall win!

BIG news.. my friend is having her baby.. next week! Due in November but complications mean babe has to come early. Mom and baby are BOTH HEALTHY thank the lord! But the little one is scheduled to arrive next week so all your positive vibes and good thoughts their way please!

I, of course, WORK so I'll miss it. BUT Auntie Jess will be there right after work the following day :) I'm going to throw out my guess right now.. I'm thinking it could be a boy.. We'll find out next week if I was right haha

Many a wedding this time of year. Which is new for me. Most of my other friends have gotten married in the spring/summer months but this year the first wedding was sept 4th weekend and the last one will be Oct 22. With thanksgiving and a bday part in the weekends in between its proven to be a very busy time of year!

Cuba is coming!! ONE MONTH OUT on Monday and I'm starting to get excited

Have to start tanning otherwise my white ass might be bright pink or a hard red shortly after we arrive haha. Going to look into the twinrix shot since I'm out dated and of course with a lot of my friends and family members doing the 'baby thing' theres talk of the zika virus

Yes. Cuba is considered a 'hot zone' (AKA a tropical zone) I have known several couple that have gone and had no problems and no warnings. I looked into it on the health Canada travel site and they said that they will NOT be testing anyone without at least two symptoms. Online however, it said that sometimes only 1 in 5 people show symptoms and I'm not down with that. SO needless to say... we will continue to wait to start our family.. sorry (not sorry) mom.

You can see how I really feel about that type of topic on another post that I made earlier in the year: my body is not a topic of discussion

That's all these days... lots of food dates in my future.. this weekend alone although I have Monday off ( a day off with pay?? sign me up!) but a friends bday on Friday, in laws dinner on sat, my family on sunday and a friends-giving on Monday.. holy Hannah!

Got to keep it in check.. there's another chance for another meal (like the next day!) and I will not be missing out

good luck this weekend ya'll stretchy pants ;)

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