Sunday Funday with BCPA

Sunday ... rest day Took the actual day off for once.

I slept in. after i went out last night in the storm of 2016 (haha) and was out till about 12ish came home turned on the boob tube ate some ice cream... i had saved SC for bday cake.. and there was none! so when i came home i had ice cream cause.. well gains  

Went to my very first power lifting competition today to watch a girl compete. She used to be a part of blessed bodies actually and a trainer herself, but that's not how I met her. I actually met this beauty through another friend when they did STRONG camp together.
She totally killed it! She only missed one lift (you get three attempts) of all her lifts and ended up placing second in her weight class

It was a really cool atmosphere. A lot of cheering (turns out I like to cheer for complete strangers) it took a minute to figure out when was the right time to cheer.. i did it wrong trying to be supportive but fixed it with some guidance haa 

Next weekend is the final wedding of this season and also cross fit games! It'll be interesting to see a real life competition vs just seeing it online. The girl that won my friends class was a cross fitter who signed up about 3 wks ago and changed her training in the sense that she toned it a bit and drank more beer?? def NOT the atmosphere i'm used to competition wise 

Although ive never had a truly bad experience backstage at a fitness comp its not nearly as supportive and ecxiting as the power lifting meet was 

I hope I can see more of these type things in the future it was really cool to see something different and OMG are these gals and guys strong!!

Hope ya'll had a good weekend. Survived the storm  

Congrats Meghan on placing and qualifying at your very first Power Lifting competition 


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