Post Show Update

almost 12 wks post show and my weight is 135!!

If you had told me last year that after this ON season I'd be able to maintain my weight.. eat MORE food than ever before and ENJOY my SHORTER workouts and LESS Cardio... I never would have believed you

this time last year I was already 15lbs higher than stage weight ... and climbing
I ate bad food constantly .. by bad I mean things that made me FEEL bad gassy/bloaty/irritable
sugar highs.. then sugar lows...

Not this time around, I've been very mindful... I'm a very mindful person just in general .. but a lot of the self talking was negative in the past.. it's certainly something I still struggle with. but now I try to be more aware and to talk to myself and essentially talk myself out of whatever funk i seem to be jumping into

Do I still have hard days?? Um HECK yeah. Do I skip the gym sometimes? yeah there's time when I need a rest more than I need a workout.. that's a rare one for me but it does happen from time to time ;)
I get bored at home / up too late and want to ravage the fridge at times too.. and sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't .. either way I'm confident I'm on my way to balance

Happy sat peeps!


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